What could be better than camping in nature in the middle of a green forest on the shores of the cleanest lake? Perhaps those who love outdoor recreation will say that nothing. One of the most popular campgrounds in Turkey can offer you a secluded vacation in the lap of nature. The Abant Camp awaits you if you are ready to take a unique tour of the lake and have a great vacation on its shore. Far from the hustle and bustle of the modern city, it is doubly pleasant to spend a couple of evenings around the campfire in peace and quiet.

Abant Camp is located on the shores of Lake Abant within the borders of the province of Bolu in Turkey. The camp is suitable for tourists with tents and motorhomes. This is one of the most popular campgrounds in Turkey, especially in the summer season.

Abant camp / Bolu How to get there?

Air travel may not be the most convenient choice to get to the Abant Camp. The nearest airport is in Ankara – Esenboga Airport. However, this is the only option for those who come from abroad. The distance from the airport to Bolu is about 200 km, and travel time may take a little over 2 hours. This way you can overcome both by car and by bus. Ankara bus station in Bolu daily dozens of buses depart several times a day.

Abant camp is only 30 – 40 km from the Bolu bus station. If you do not have a car, then you can take a taxi.

Abant camp, Abant camp / Bolu

Information about Abant camp / Bolu

Abant Camp meets its guests at any time of the year. The camp is located on the territory of the National Park on the Orencik plateau. If you plan to relax at the campsite in the summer, be sure to bring a spray-repellent from insects, such as there are a lot of mosquitoes. Camping territory provides a unique opportunity for a comfortable outdoor recreation. Camping staff is friendly and responsive to any request. Local species will exceed all your expectations.

Abant Camp is well equipped. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay: toilet, shower, electricity, cafe. About 2 km from the camp there is a shop and a market. There you can buy everything you need. There is a connection of Turkish mobile operators in the camp. So, if you have a Turkish SIM card in your phone, you will not be left without a connection.

Camping is prohibited to kindle fires in a place not equipped for this. This can be done only in special barrels or in the barbecue area. Keep in mind that there may be no firewood for ignition, therefore stock up on firewood in advance.

Abant camp, Abant camp / Bolu

Where to stay in Abant camp / Bolu?

Abant camp offers accommodation for tourists with tents and motorhomes. An alternative to this may be renting a bungalow. Usually they are located near the lake and has excellent views from the window. In addition, for tourists is also available for rent motorhomes.

As for the price list of Abant camp, it looks like this.

  • Entrance to the territory of the National Park (only if you drive by car) – 15 TL (about $ 2.5)
  • Tent place – 25 TL (about $ 4.5)