Abisko is located in the very north, beyond the Arctic Circle. In this city you can often see the Northern Lights. Abisko is a small town in the northernmost part of Lapland, the population of the city is about 90 thousand people.

Besides the fact that the city is located in the homeland of Santa Claus, in its vicinity is located the famous Abisko National Park. Actually, this is the main attraction of this region. But first things first.

Abisko How to get there?

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Abisko, and you can only get to the city with a transfer in Stockholm (Sweden), Kurin (Sweden, the nearest city to Abisko) or Narvik (Norway). The road to Abisko from these cities will take about an hour.

Abisko, Abisko, Sweden

So, after you landed at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, you can travel to Abisko by train or bus. The same goes for the cities of Kurin and Narvik. Although, in winter, the choice of the train would be preferable.

Abisko, what to do and what to visit?

The city of Abisko is located just a few kilometers from the national park of the same name. This is the largest national park in Sweden, which was founded in 1909. This park was the first natural reserve in Sweden.

The purpose of the park was to preserve the unique polar nature, scientific work and attract tourists to the region.

Abisko Park can be visited at any time of the year. In any season you can find something to your taste. In winter, you will find excellent ski runs and other winter activities. And in the summer in front of you there will be endless space, walks through the cleanest air and unity with nature. In the period from June 13 to July 13, tourists can watch the white nights in the Abisko National Park of Sweden and enjoy the incredible beauty of the northern lights in winter.

Abisko, Abisko, Sweden

In the park passes Kungsleden, or the Royal Path. This is a special tourist route, the length of which is 425 km. It goes around the whole park and ends in Hemavan.

In addition to the possibility of independent travel, there are a lot of one-day tours and routes in the national park.

Abisko, Abisko, Sweden

Abisko, a charming city with its unique nature and parks, offers you other interesting sights:

  • Polar Zoo
  • Ice hotel in the village of Yukkasjarvi
  • Kiruna Church
  • University Museum Tromso
  • Fielheisen Cable Car
  • World War II Memorial Museum

Hotels in Abisko

The choice of hotels in Abisko is small. In the city and its surroundings are located hotels of different price categories and comfort class. You can choose guesthouses and hostels, or hotel. Prices for hotel rooms depend on the level of comfort and location of the hotel, proximity to popular attractions.

Most hotels are located near the station Ostra. This is a great place in terms of easy access to both the city and attractions.

Abisko, Abisko, Sweden

In the National Park you can stay in one of the guest houses located on its territory. Abisko Tourist Station Guest House is a one-story building with several rooms, a shared kitchen and a toilet.