If this is your first camping holiday in Turkey, we are sure that you will enjoy the Akyaka Ormani camp and you will come here again. Akyaka Ormani camp is located in the province of Mugla in a picturesque location just 500 meters from the Mediterranean coast. This is a modern camp with all the amenities where you can relax in the midst of nature among the forest, clean air and the beautiful coast of the sea. The camp offers places for accommodation not only for tents, but also for motorhomes. It is easy to get here, and shops, restaurants, gas stations and entertainment are within walking distance. At the same time, the peace of holiday is not disturbed by anything.

You can rest in the Akyaka Ormani camp in both summer and winter. At any time of the year you will find here entertainment to your liking. The camp welcomes its guests and gives an amazing opportunity to relax in a picturesque place with breathtaking views of the sea alone with nature.

Akyaka Ormani camp, Akyaka Orman Kampi (Mugla): Camping in Turkey

Akyaka Ormani Camp / Mugla, how to get there?

If you are going to camping in Turkey from other countries, then it is more likely that it will be more convenient for you to get to Akyaka Ormani camp by plane. The nearest airport to the camp is located in the city of Dalaman. It accepts both local and international flights. In the event that there are no direct flights to Dalaman from your city, then use a flight with a transfer in Istanbul, Antalya or Ankara. So, from Dalaman you need to get to the city of Ula. Travel time will take no more than an hour. From the city center, you can reach Akyaka Ormani camp in 20 minutes. At Dalaman airport, you can rent a car, or use the bus.

Akyaka Ormani camp, Akyaka Orman Kampi (Mugla): Camping in Turkey

Those traveling from Turkey by car, first of all, need to get to the city of Ula, and then to the camp. In Ula, take the signs to the Akyaka area. Then follow Ataturk Street to the west, the camping area will be on your left.

Information about Akyaka Ormani Camp / Mugla

Akyaka Ormani camp is one of the most preferred camps in terms of its main advantages. Besides the fact that the camp is located near the sea and is surrounded by a pine forest, it also has all the conditions for comfortable rest and living.

For vacationers in Akyaka Ormani camp there is a toilet, shower, laundry and, of course, a mini-kitchen with a necessary set of dishes and a mini fridge. In addition, you can rent a tent, pillows and blankets here. Of course, there are also places for those tourists who have their own tent or motorhome. Camping provides for such travelers not only parking, but also the ability to connect to electricity and water.

Akyaka Ormani camp, Akyaka Orman Kampi (Mugla): Camping in Turkey

In the vicinity of Akyaka Ormani camp there are many interesting places that you can visit. In addition to the 8 bays that surround the camp, you can also go to:

  • Akbuk Bay
  • Akyaka Beach
  • Akyaka National Park
  • Sedir Island
  • Ancient city of Idiyma
  • Boncuk Bay

Where to stay in Akyaka Ormani Camp?

Prices for accommodation depend on the season and the number of people. So, a place for a tent costs from 40 Turkish liras (about $ 8), for a place for motorhomes you pay 50 TL (about $ 10) per day. You can also rent wooden or stone houses on the first or second line from the sea. The cost of houses per day is 400 TL (about $ 80) and above.