Spending a vacation in hotels in Alanya, you will probably want to diversify your leisure time. The resort offers various types of activity for every taste and age. One of the most popular is Alanya diving. This is not only a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea, but also vivid impressions and a new experience that is necessary for an unforgettable vacation. Diving will help you relax, be alone with the sea and watch the life of marine life.

How to get to Alanya Diving?

Even if you are a professional diver and you have special equipment, you still need to somehow get into the sea. And those who never dived all the more need a professional guide. The easiest way to get to diving in Alanya is to buy a ready-made tour. You can buy a tour at any of the many travel agencies or hotels. Prices may vary depending on the program and route of the tour, but on average the tour price starts at $ 40 per person.

Alanya diving, Alanya Diving

Alanya Diving Tour Overview

What is included in Alanya diving tour? As a rule, the program of most tours is quite similar, differences can only be in the route and dive points. All tours include a mandatory transfer from / to your hotel. The following is a mandatory briefing during which you will be taught the rules of staying under water, the rules for using diving equipment and gestures for underwater communication. After that, you will go on your first dive. Next will be lunch and then a second dive. Each of them lasts an average of 15-20 minutes. You will dive in small groups of 2-3 people together with the instructor. After that, you will be sent back to the port and a transfer will take you to your hotel.

Where is the Alanya diving tour? All dives pass around the Alanya Peninsula, not far from the coastline. As a rule, 14 points are used for dives with a depth of 3 to 40 meters. It can be reefs, sunken ships and planes, sandy seabed, underwater caves, and more.

Alanya diving, Alanya Diving

Is Alanya diving tour safe? Yes, it is completely safe. Firstly, this is one of the few tours where preparation for it takes almost as much time as the dives themselves. Secondly, all dives are accompanied by experienced diver guides who are licensed and certified PADI or CMAS. Thirdly, all diving equipment meets modern standards of quality and safety and undergoes additional testing immediately before use.

Additional Information

  • Adults and teenagers over 10 years old can go Alanya diving;
  • If you are an experienced diver, do not forget to bring your certificate with you. Then you can dive yourself deeper;
  • You can be trained in one of the diving centers and get a certificate of an experienced diver.