The best vacation is one that leaves vivid impressions and memories. In addition, what else besides extreme activities can revive a monotonous vacation in a hotel or on the beach? Alanya paragliding fully meets these needs. After all, what can be brighter and unforgettable than the feeling of free flight? Well, for those who cannot imagine life without adrenaline, this is an ideal pastime. Moreover, paragliding does not require you to have special skills. You only need a desire to break away from the earth and soar above it like a bird.

Where is Alanya paragliding and how to get there?

Paragliding is just a 20-minute drive from the center of Alanya, from Mount Yassi, from an altitude of about 800 meters. This height is enough to fly like a bird for 20-25 minutes, observing the surroundings of the city, the Mediterranean Sea and people around. Alanya travel agencies organize all jumps only with professional instructors and sportsmen. So you can make a jump only by buying a tour in one of the offices or at hotels. In this case, a special transfer will deliver you to the place of the jump, picking you up from your hotel.

Alanya Paragliding, Alanya Paragliding

Alanya paragliding tour general information

You can easily find the sales points of Alanya Paragliding Tours. As a rule, at each hotel or right on the streets of the resort you can see information stands about tours, programs and prices.

What is included in the tour program?

The tour starts with a transfer. A small minibus will pick you up at the appointed time from your hotel to deliver the group to the place of the jump. Travel time will be no more than 20 minutes, during which you can explore the local landscapes. After arriving at the base, each participant receives a safety briefing and the necessary equipment. After that, you are paired with an experienced instructor jumping and enjoying the flight and the most beautiful views of Alanya from a bird’s eye view.

Important! A single jump (without an instructor) is possible only if you have a special license!

Alanya Paragliding, Alanya Paragliding

Paragliding ends with landing on the famous Cleopatra beach, after which you will most likely be asked to buy a photo and video of the jump. Finally, a minibus will take you back to your hotel.

Alanya paragliding tour price starts at $ 30 and up. The minimum age for the jump is 14 years. Going on a tour, put on comfortable clothes and shoes that do not hamper your movements.

Alanya paragliding is safe. Jump instructors are experienced professionals who have been involved in this for several years. All equipment meets European quality standards and is additionally checked before each jump. In addition, insurance is usually included in the price of the tour.