Holidays in Alanya are a great opportunity to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and sunbathe on local beaches. However, if you suddenly feel bored at the hotel, you can add some vivid impressions to your vacation by joining Alanya Quad Safari. In order to drive an ATV you do not need special experience or a driver’s license. A short briefing before the start is enough to go on an adventure. Quads are simple and easy to manage, so that even a teenager can easily ride them. In addition, numerous travel agencies and bureaus in Alanya will be happy to offer you their escort services on tour.

How to get to Alanya Quad Safari?

Alanya Quad Safari takes place in the picturesque Natural National Park at the foot of the Taurid Mountains (Toros), a 30-minute drive from the city center. It is possible to get here on your own, but only by car. The easiest way to get on a safari is to buy a ready-made tour in one of any tour agencies in Alanya. Each tour may differ in some minor details, but their main program is the same. The price of the tour includes a transfer from the hotel to the starting point of the safari and back to your hotel. It is very convenient and does not require you to worry about organizing a route and transport.

Alanya Quad Safari, Alanya Quad Safari

Information about Alanya Quad Safari Tour

All ATVs have an automatic transmission. They are simple and safe to control. Alanya Quad Safari tour you can buy from hotel guides or in agencies. In addition, you can also choose a group tour or individual, safari time, with/without lunch, etc. The price of the tour will change in accordance with the selected features. Usually tour prices start at $ 25 per person.

Before the start, each participant will receive a small briefing on driving techniques and safety. Then instructors will give the participants equipment (helmets, glasses, knee pads, back and elbow protection).

The safari route runs along impassable roads and mountain roads, along mountain gorges and along the channels of shallow rivers. The duration of the route is 2.5-3 hours. There is a stop on the route near a small mountain lake or river. During the break, you can have lunch, swim or just relax a bit. After the end of the safari, a transfer will take you to your hotel.

Alanya Quad Safari, Alanya Quad Safari


  • Be sure to bring a handkerchief or bandana for your face to protect it from dirt and dust.
  • Take water.
  • Choose for the tour that clothes that you will not be sorry to stain, or take another set with you to change clothes.
  • Use sunscreen on open skin patches.
  • Do not bring expensive things with you, but only take a little cash to buy souvenirs or photos.