Alanya Rafting is one of the most popular outdoor activities. Every year, tourists from all over the world gather in teams to conquer the river in the most picturesque National Park in Turkey. Many people think that only professionals can participate in such extreme sports. But in fact, under the guidance of an experienced guide-instructor, even a beginner can do it. That is why rafting is a sport and an exciting adventure for the whole family.

If you do not rafting constantly and on a professional basis, then you are unlikely to have equipment for rafting. However, if you still want to try, then rafting tours in Alanya is a great alternative for you. A ready-made tour with a program, transfer, equipment and a guide will allow you to have a great time without being distracted by preparation and related issues.

Alanya Rafting General Information

Alanya Rafting tours take place in a picturesque location on the Koprucay River in Koprulu Canyon National Park. The river is conditionally divided into three parts by level of difficulty: for beginners, medium and high level, respectively. Group and family rafting tours take place on the first two parts of the route. The length of the route is about 14 km. For the third part of the route, only groups and participants with the certificate of the International Rafting Federation are allowed.

Alanya Rafting, Alanya Things To Do: Alanya Rafting

River rafting is carried out in groups on special inflatable boats (rafts) consisting of from 2 to 10 people. An experienced instructor guide accompanies each group. In addition to the equipment (helmet, paddle and life jacket) before the rafting, each participant receives a small briefing on safety measures and the basic commands used in rowing.

Alanya Rafting Tour Program

In Alanya, you can easily find several travel companies and offices that offer to go on an exciting rafting tour. As a rule, the conditions and program of the tour in most companies are approximately the same and may differ only in some details. So, the Antalya rafting tour program includes:

  • Transfer from your hotel to the rafting point and back;
  • Safety briefing and equipment issuance at the starting point;
  • River rafting;
  • Lunch and rest break;
  • Continuation of the rafting;
  • Viewing and buying photos as a keepsake;
  • Transfer to the hotel.

Alanya Rafting, Alanya Things To Do: Alanya Rafting

The price of a rafting tour may vary at each travel agency, so for information that is more detailed you better ask in the office. As a rule, the price of the tour already includes insurance, transfer, guide, equipment and lunch.

During rafting, be careful and listen to the instructions of your guide-instructor. Be respectful and friendly to other members of the group, as rafting is a team sport in which everything depends on team actions.