Holidays in Spain are always a guarantee of beautiful beaches and great entertainment for every taste. However, in this country there is also a large excursion program. This is not only about the architectural monuments of Madrid, but also about entire cities, such as Albarracin. This beautiful pink town captivates with its ancient winding streets, ocher-colored houses and breathtaking landscapes. The city is built on steep rocky ledges and resembles a bird’s nest. Thanks to this similarity, the city received a bright nickname – Eagle’s Nest.

How to get to Albarracin?

Albarracin has no airport. The nearest international airport is located in the city of Valencia. Albarracin is approximately 185 km from the airport. From here, you can get to the city by bus with transfers in the cities of Sella or Teruel. Travel time can average 2 – 2.5 hours.

The best option to get to Albarracin is to rent a car. In this case, you do not have to depend on public transport and your trip will be much more comfortable. You can find rental points at the airport terminal.

Albarracin, Albarracin, Spain Travel Guide

Sights of Albarracin

Now it is difficult to imagine Albarracin as the largest and most influential city, but there were different pages in its long history. The first settlement on the site of modern Albarracin appeared in the first century BC, when the Romans came to these places. The highest heyday of the city fell on the period of Moorish rule, from the ninth to the 12th centuries. Over its long history, the city changed kings and religions, but in the mid-19th century, it finally lost its significance, and its population decreased markedly. Currently, it is a real open-air museum. There are no modern buildings, and a few local residents work in the tourism sector.

Albarracin, Albarracin, Spain Travel Guide

You can only enter Albarracin on one single road – this is a tunnel that runs in the mountains, directly under the city streets. Here is a short list of the most interesting sights of the city:

  • Andador Tower and ramparts;
  • Town Hall
  • Don Blanca Tower;
  • Episcopal Palace;
  • Old Hospital, and now the Museum of Albarracin;
  • Portal del Aqua;
  • Pinares del Rodeno;
  • Church of Santiago;
  • Cathedral Catedral del Salvador;
  • Plaza Mayor – the main square of the city;
  • Trebuchet Park and more.

Albarracin, Albarracin, Spain Travel Guide

Hotels in Albarracin

Hotels in Albarracin offer accommodation to all tourists and travelers who wish to stay in this beautiful city. It should be noted that the city has a rather large assortment of hotels of different price categories. There are both budget hostels and quite luxurious hotels. However, remember that in the summer season many tourists come here, so it is better to book a room in advance. Here is a short list of some hotels in Albarracin:

  • Hotel Meson del Gallo
  • Hotel Atiana
  • Hotel Rural Casa Cauma
  • Hotel – Restaurante Prado Del Navazo
  • Hotel Olimpia
  • Hotel Albarran
  • Hotel Dona Blanca