How about seeing the magnificent palace with your own eyes? It was built gloriously and dazzlingly. The palace seems to be challenging other places of interest in the world. One of the most expensive pearls of the Catherine Palace is the Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia. The road to this amazing room does not take long. Today we will talk about the Catherine Palace, located in Russia.

The interior and exterior of the palace are dazzlingly beautiful. Here you will see the most glorious landscapes you could imagine. How to get there? What is this place like? When will you arrive to see this palace, where can you stay? In this article we give answers to all these questions.

Amber Room Catherine Palace, Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia

Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia How to Get There?

In order to visit the Amber Room in the Catherine Palace, you need to come to St. Petersburg. Perhaps to enter Russia you will need a visa, so we suggest you clarify this information in the visa center. You can easily find a direct flight to St. Petersburg or you can take advantage of transfer flights. On average, the flight can take from 3 to 8 hours. You can also get to St. Petersburg by train from other cities of Russia or from neighboring countries. Choose the most convenient route for you.

Amber Room Catherine Palace, Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia

Information about Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia

The Amber Room is located in the Catherine Palace, which in turn is located 30 km south of St. Petersburg in Tsarskoe Selo in the Pushkin city. This palace was the residence of Russian tsars during the summer.

The interior and exterior architecture of the palace demonstrates a wonderful appearance and amazes imagination. In the garden part of the palace there is a park with a view of the church. Fountains in the palace garden are real works of art.

Amber Room Catherine Palace, Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia

The palace was built in the 18th century in the then fashionable Rococo style. The palace was subjected to restorations, which are held today. All of them are held to preserve the interiors of the palace in its original form. The exterior facade of the palace is 350 meters. In the manufacture of adornments only for the external facade was used about 100 kilograms of gold.

During the Second World War, German bombing destroyed or damaged much of the historical monuments, objects and ornaments in the palace. The amber room in the palace was completely destroyed after this war. It took 10 years to restore the palace. One of the most important rooms of the palace, the Amber Room was adorned in 1717 with gifts of the Prussian King Frederick, which were sent to the Russian Emperor Peter I. The amber room has a magnificent interior decorated with mosaic. This room was completely restored and opened to visitors in 2003.

Amber Room Catherine Palace, Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia

The area of the restored Amber Room Catherine Palace is 36 square meters, and the original area was 48 square meters. The walls of the room have an unusual appearance. The ceilings are decorated with large paintings.

Accommodation in Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia

So, you arrived in St. Petersburg to see the Amber Room Catherine Palace. If you are looking for a place to stay here, we will offer you several accommodation options.

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Amber Room Catherine Palace, Amber Room Catherine Palace / Russia

Rocco Forte Astoria Hotel: there is a gym, dry cleaning and a 24-hour front desk.

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The best vacation of your choice.