Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is perhaps one of the most famous cities in the world. Even those who have never been here know about the complex network of canals, colorful houses with gabled roofs and the freedom of local customs. In addition, add an interesting excursion program and scenic views of the city, and you will understand why Amsterdam is so addictive.

The capital of the Netherlands is a small city, but it has all the same indicators of a happy life and developed infrastructure, like a million-plus city. The population of the city is very heterogeneous, and according to the most conservative estimates, it consists of more than 180 different nationalities. In addition, from this flows one of the main features of this city – the spirit of unlimited freedom. It affects literally everything and everyone, including festivals and the nightlife of the capital. Read more about this in our Amsterdam Entertainment Guide.

Amsterdam Festivals

Amsterdam holds about 300 different festivals each year. All of them are devoted to a variety of topics and events, so that each guest will be able to choose the entertainment to their liking. Here are just some of them:

  • King’s Day (April);

This is an important event for citizens and guests of the capital. The whole city is decorated in honor of the holiday in orange color, costumed parades are held in the streets, music is playing and toasts are heard everywhere for the health of the king.

  • Amsterdam Gay Pride (July-August);

This is the largest gay parade in Europe, the brightest and most fun.

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Art Festival Uitmarkt (August);

This fest is dedicated to several areas of art: musical, theatrical and artistic. During the festival on the main squares of the city are performances of bands from around the world.

  • Dance Valley (August);

This is the largest music event in Amsterdam. The festival is dedicated to dance music, and it is attended by both novice IDs and world stars.

  • Amsterdam Light Festival (November-January);

The brightest and most colorful festival of the city. Visit light installations in the evening or at night.

Amsterdam Nightlife

The nightlife in Amsterdam attracts many, and everyone will imagine their own way of spending time. Our main task is only to tell about all the variety of entertainment and you will choose.

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

In addition to numerous coffee shops and legal prostitution, various bars, pubs, nightclubs and dance floors of different directions and levels of service also complement the nightlife of the city. Almost every street in the city has at least one entertainment establishment, so wherever you are staying, there will always be a place near you where you can have fun.

Fans of night parties prefer dance floors around the Rembrantsplein and Leidseplein squares, thrill-seekers go to Walletjes, and if you want to visit a nightclub, then the Reguliersdwarsstraat area will find a great many.