Antalya is the largest resort city in Turkey. It has 19 districts. The city is located on the Mediterranean coast. The population of Antalya is approximately 2.5 million people and continues to grow rapidly. The city and its environs are the most popular tourist destination among foreign tourists.

Antalya What to see?

Antalya is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Here are concentrated thousands of hotels, parks and beaches that offer tourists an unforgettable vacation. In addition, sightseeing holidays are also popular in Antalya. There are many historical and natural sights. So, what exactly can you visit in Antalya?

Antalya, Antalya (Turkey) Travel Guide

Lake Oymapinar

You can take a boat tour of the lake or take a trip to the surrounding mountains and forests. You can also have a camping or picnic with friends in nature.

Kaputas beach

On the coastal road between Kas and Kalkan is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey – Kaputas Beach. Photos of this beach are often used by travel agencies on their promotional leaflets about Turkey. The beach has acquired such truly world-wide fame thanks to the purest sand, turquoise water and a unique location in the gorge among high rocks.

Antalya, Antalya (Turkey) Travel Guide

Ruins of Arikanda

The city of Antalya is a place where many ancient buildings and cities are concentrated. One of these cities is Arikanda. It is an ancient city of the ancient state of Lycia, which later belonged to the Roman Empire. The stadium and the Greek theater and other buildings are well preserved. In the list of ancient city ruins Arikanda is in great demand among tourists.

Canyon Gokbuk

This canyon is called the county in which it is located. Canyon is a natural reserve. Some of the plant species in the canyon are endangered. Here tourists can go hiking or arrange camping at special sites. Natural beauty surrounds anyone who comes here and gives an incredible sense of peace.

Antalya, Antalya (Turkey) Travel Guide

Manavgat Falls

Manavgat falls from a cliff with a height of about 5 meters. However, its width is about 40 meters. And this is precisely where its natural beauty lies. Around the waterfall there are many cafes, souvenir shops, places for recreation and even points of sale of excursions in the surrounding area.

Dim Cay River

Dim Cay is one of the most popular and unusual places for recreation both among locals and tourists. People come here for family breakfasts, romantic dates or friendly picnics. This incredibly picturesque valley is located 6 km from Alanya in the direction of Mahmutlar, on the mountain river Dim-Chai, which originates in the mountains of Konya.

Antalya, Antalya (Turkey) Travel Guide

Konyaalti beach

This is the most popular beach in the city of Konyaalti. It is located on the Mediterranean coast in the western part of the city. This is a pebble beach; its length is 7 kilometers from the cliffs to the harbor of Antalya. There are many other free and paid beaches in the Konyaalti area that you might like.

Altinbesik Cave

Altinbesik is one of the national parks of Turkey. Here is a cave, also known as Dudensuyu. The size of the cave is about 2000 meters. At different levels of the cave there are several underground lakes, a river and a waterfall. The road to the cave lies in an impassable area. Tourists are taken there in jeeps, which gives excursions even more adrenaline.

Antalya, Antalya (Turkey) Travel Guide

Yanartas (Burning Mountain)

The fire on Mount Yanartas has been burning for about 100 years. This natural miracle, according to scientists, is due to the accumulation of natural gas inside. There is another explanation of where the flame comes from. According to legend, the Greek hero Bellerophon killed the terrible monster Chimera, who spewed fire, and threw him inside the mountain. The view of the mountain is especially amazing at night. Looking at how the mountain burns, you will be ready to believe in the legend of the monster. You can see Yanartas both on a personal journey and as part of an excursion group.