The ruins of the Arak Monastery are located on the territory of modern Turkey in the province of Mus in the east of the country. The monastery received its present name from the populated place of the same name located nearby. The word “arak” means wine in Persian. This is primarily because vineyards were located in the region many years ago, and, accordingly, wine was produced here.

History of Arak Monastery

The original name Arak Monastery is the Holy Apostles Monastery (or Surb Arakelots). It was one of three Armenian monasteries in which, according to legend, the relics of Christian saints were kept. The exact date of construction of the monastery is not known, but with some accuracy, we can say that it happened from the third to the 6th century. The monastery was founded on the territory of the historical province of Taron, which at that time belonged to the Armenian kingdom. Today this territory belongs to Turkey.

Arak Monastery, Arak Monastery / Mus, Turkey

Unfortunately, this monastery is practically lost, as today only a part of the bell tower and ruins are left from it. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the monastery became empty in the period 1914-16 during the armed conflict of the Ottoman Empire and Armenia. Secondly, it is, of course, the destructive influence of time and natural factors. Well, the third reason for this condition of the monastery is that they did not carry out reconstruction works here, and they are not planned for them in the near future.

How to get to Arak Monastery

The easiest and fastest way to get to the Arak Monastery is from the city center of Mus. Travel time will take no more than 15 minutes. The most convenient way to use a personal car. You can rent a car at any of the rental points in Mus. If for some reason, you cannot use a car, and then take a taxi. Only minibuses represent public transport. Choose those that follow the route to Arak or Kepenek. There is no bus stop near the monastery, so when boarding the bus, tell the driver to stop at the monastery.

Arak Monastery, Arak Monastery / Mus, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Arak Monastery

The nearest hotels to the Arak Monastery are located in the city of Mus. Since the number of people needing accommodation in the city is not very large, prices are always at a very reasonable level. However, on the other hand, here you will not find luxury hotels. However, the rooms in local hotels are quite comfortable and clean.

  • Yucesoy Otel
  • Hotel Goksel
  • Mir Saray Hotel
  • DAP Hotel
  • Mus Grand Hotel

Arak Monastery, Arak Monastery / Mus, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Arak Monastery

To eat and relax after a visit to the Arak Monastery, you will also should to go to Mus. Among the nearest restaurants to the monastery are:

  • Sark Kebap Salonu
  • Eywan
  • Nar-et Nihat Usta
  • Kale Restoran