Holidays in France are not only the beautiful beaches of the Riviera and the medieval cities in the style of baroque, but also amazing National Natural Parks, one of which is the Ardeche Gorges Nature Reserve. It is located in the southeast of France and is a unique place, where the amazing diversity and richness of nature is represented. Read more and learn how to get to the gorge and where to stay.

How to get to Ardeche Gorges

Ardeche Gorges Nature Reserve is located on the border of two French departments – Ardeche and Gard along the Ardeche River. An interesting feature of this place is the inability to get here by public transport. This can be done only as part of a group or individual excursion within the tour, or by car alone. The road, along which there are numerous observation platforms with views of the gorge, connects two French towns: Vallon-Pont-d’Arc and Saint-Martin-d’Ardeche. Consequently, in order to get on this road, you need to set a search in the navigator to one of these cities, depending on which side you are approaching.

Ardeche Gorges, Ardeche Gorges, France Travel Guide

Information about Ardeche Gorges

Ardeche Gorges is a unique natural canyon, which is about 35 km long. Scientists estimate the age of the gorge is about 110 million years. The height of the canyon walls in some places reaches 300 meters. The beginning of the canyon in the upper course of the Ardeche River is the natural bridge of Pont d’Arc. Here there is a small grotto, in which cave paintings of primitive people are preserved on the walls. Pont-d’Arc Grotto is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it is not currently available for tourists. There are many other caves and grottoes in the gorge, which are of great interest both to scientists and to tourists. Some of them are accessible to the public, some are mothballed for the period of archaeological and research works.

Ardeche Gorges, Ardeche Gorges, France Travel Guide

Ardeche Gorge is a very popular place for lovers of active holidays in France. Rafting on the Ardeche River by canoe and kayak is a very frequent request of many tourists. In addition, here you can do rock climbing, trekking, jumping and many other kinds of active entertainment.

Nearest Hotels to Ardeche Gorges

Ardeche Gorges is located in a Nature Reserve; therefore, there are no hotels or guesthouses here. Here is a short list of some hotels nearby:

Gîte AXALY Gorges de l’Ardèche: Hotel in a villa with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Each villa has its own outdoor pool and small garden.

Ardeche Gorges, Ardeche Gorges, France Travel Guide

Domaine Les Martins: This is a guesthouse. It offers free parking, Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, and a suite bathroom.

Le Phébus & Spa: This is a five star hotel for true lovers of luxury. It is located in the building of an old farmhouse in the village of Zhukas. It features a restaurant, spa and massage parlors, outdoor activities, horse riding, golf and canoeing.