The Black Sea region of Turkey offers many options for outdoor recreation. The most popular among them are, perhaps, Artvin camps. As the name implies, campgrounds are located in the city of Artvin. The camps differ in location, but they all have wonderful views and receive guests most of the year.

Artvin offers accommodation for dozens of different camps, most of which are located in reserves, national parks and natural attractions. Among them;

  • Kafkasor Tourist Center
  • Savsat Lake
  • Borcka Karagol
  • Hatila Valley National Park and many others.

Artvin Camps / Artvin How to get there?

You can get to Artvin camps in many different ways. The easiest and fastest way is flight. The nearest airport to Artvin camps is located in the city of Erzurum. Travel time to Artvin from the airport will be about 3 hours. You can cover this distance both on a rented car and on a bus from the Erzurum bus station. You can easily get to Artvin by choosing any company that performs long-distance passenger transportation.

Artvin Camps / Artvin

If you decide to overcome all the way by car, then choose the autobahn on the Black Sea coast. You can get to Artvin by following the route to Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon and Rize. Keep in mind that such a journey can take a long time, but the beautiful local species will make you forget the fatigue of a long road.

Information about Artvin Camps / Artvin

Artvin camps are widely known not only in Turkey, but also far beyond its borders. The local nature is rich in natural parks and reserves with wonderful views and clean air. Here come those tourists who appreciate a comfortable outdoor recreation. For your convenience, we have compiled a short list of the best Artvin camps. Among them:

  • Mencuna Selalesi camp / Arhavi (Mencuna Waterfall)

The camp is located on the banks of the river and is surrounded by forest. Here you can also rent a bungalow. The camp has all the necessary services and a restaurant.

  • Camili-Gorgit Tabiati Koruma / Borcka (Camille Gorgit Nature Reserve)

The camp is located on the territory of the reserve. This campsite is suitable for those who like to relax in a truly wild nature. Outside the camp there are strict restrictions on campfire and hunting.

Artvin Camps / Artvin

  • Hatila Vadisi Milli Parki camp / Center of Artvin (Hatila Valley National Park)

The camp is located just 15 km from the center of Artvin. Here you can stay in tents, auto-homes or bungalows.

  • Deriner Baraji camp / Center of Artvin (Deriner Dam)

The camp is located just 10 minutes from the center of Artvin. Deriner dam on the river Coruh forms a large reservoir in which you can swim or fish.

  • Borcka Karagol camp / Borcka

Camping is located in the mountains on the shores of Karagol Lake (Black Lake). Here you can stay in tents, auto-homes or bungalows.

Artvin Camps / Artvin

  • Cehennem Deresi Kanyonu / Ardanuc (Hell’s Creek Canyon)

This camp is suitable for those who like to combine active rest with camping. There are ideal conditions for trekking, quad safari and rock climbing.

It is worth noting that this is only a small part of Artvin camps, in which you can relax in nature. Come to Artvin and see for yourself that this amazing city is ready to offer you even more opportunities for a great holiday.