Ashab-i-Kahf cave, located near the town of Tarsus in the Turkish province of Mersin, is one of the most important places in this region. The cave is also known as the Cave of the Seven Sleepers. It is located 12 km north of the city of Tarsus.

Ashab-i-Kahf cave is located in Mount Enculus and is revered as a sacred place for both Christians and Muslims. The mention of this cave is found in the Quran and the Bible, and most believers know the legend of the Seven Sleepers.

History of Ashab-i-Kahf Cave

It is believed that the cave Ashab-i-Kahf was formed because of natural causes, but the legend associated with it is very unusual. According to this legend, on the orders of the Roman Emperor, seven young men were immured alive in a cave. However, thanks to the divine miracle, they did not die, but only fell asleep. After 200 years (some sources say about 300 years), they woke up and began to be considered by the people as miracle workers and healers.

Ashab-i-Kahf Cave, Ashab-i-Kahf Cave / Tarsus (Mersin), Turkey

A 15-step staircase is used to enter the cave, and above it is a mosque built by Sultan Abdul-Aziz in 1873. In subsequent years, three minarets with balconies were added to the mosque. The mosque has survived to this day.

How to get to Ashab-i-Kahf Cave      

Getting to Ashab-i-Kahf cave is easy. The easiest way to do it on a personal car. You can rent a car both in the terminals of the airport of arrival and in the center of any large Turkish city, including in Mersin or Tarsus. Travel time from the center of Tarsus to the cave is no more than 20 minutes.

Ashab-i-Kahf Cave, Ashab-i-Kahf Cave / Tarsus (Mersin), Turkey

If for any reason, you cannot rent a car, and then use the bus. Mini buses (dolmush) run regularly from Tarsus to Dedeler. The fare is 3-4 TL. You can also take a taxi. This trip will cost you much more, but you will not have to wait.

Nearest hotels to Ashab-i-Kahf Cave

The tourist infrastructure is well developed in the immediate vicinity of the cave of Ashab-i-Kahf. There are shops, gas stations, recreation areas, hotels and restaurants. One of the hotels is located literally 30 meters from the cave is Eshab-i Kehf Otel. If you are looking for other alternatives, then among them are:

  • Zorbaz Otel
  • Mersin HiltonSA
  • The Monard Hotel
  • Mersin Sultan Hotel
  • Ramada Mersin
  • Nobel Hotel

Ashab-i-Kahf Cave, Ashab-i-Kahf Cave / Tarsus (Mersin), Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Ashab-i-Kahf Cave

If we talk about the nearest restaurant to the Ashab-i-Kahf cave, then within walking distance there is the Eshab-i Kehf Bag Restorant. Other options are located a little further and you may need a transfer. Among them:

  • Kervan Humus
  • Giritli Cemilenin yeri
  • Yeni Ada Kebap Salonu
  • Sofioglu
  • Cigerci Apo