Astana, the modern capital of Kazakhstan, is a relatively young city. The order for its construction was given by the former president of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev in 1997. In 2019, the city was renamed Nursultan, in honor of the former president.

Since Astana (Nursultan) is a newly created city, it has a modern structure. Despite its young age, the city is widely known for its events of world significance, various festivals that take place here. Well, tourists who visit the city have fun, including plunging into the nightlife of Astana.

Astana (Nursultan) Festivals

In the capital of Kazakhstan, various festivals and events are held every year. One of the favorite holidays of local residents and guests of the city is the Day of the Capital, which takes place in July. During the festival, a large concert with the participation of artists and musicians, a carnival and various festivities take place on the main city square. In addition to official state holidays, religious Muslim holidays are widely celebrated in Astana (Nursultan). Festive services are held in local mosques, and local residents prepare treats for guests.

Astana (Nursultan), Astana (Nursultan), Kazakhstan

Other events take place in the capital of Kazakhstan, for example, the Astana International Action Film Festival with the participation of various famous movie stars, including Hollywood. For example, Jackie Chan and Nicolas Cage were already guests of the festival. The film festival is held every year in July.

Another equally interesting fest is Astana Food Festival. Chefs from more than 100 countries of the world take part in it. The festival offers guests to try dishes from different cuisines of the world. In addition to great food, the program also provides entertainment for guests.

Astana (Nursultan) Nightlife

In Astana (Nursultan), you can dance and have fun whatever you like until late at night and enjoy excellent relaxation and delicious food. In the evening, the life of the city is noticeably enlivened, as the heat of the day subsided and walks around the city become more comfortable. In addition to this, there are many places in the capital where you can have a great time for every taste and budget. Even though the large part of the locals is Muslim, there are no strict Sharia’s rules here and the locals treat entertainment more tolerantly, especially if you are a guest.

Astana (Nursultan), Astana (Nursultan), Kazakhstan

Night clubs and bars in Astana (Nursultan) are open all night until 5 am. As a rule, dress and face control work at the entrance. Among the best night clubs and bars in Astana are:

  • Azhur
  • Salvador Dali
  • The chocolate room
  • Fashion

In nightclubs you can participate in various dance or light shows. In addition, nightclubs offer a wide range of drinks, including alcoholic.

In general, in Astana (Nursultan) there is a lot of entertainment from jazz cafes and dance clubs to restaurants with Michelin stars. Therefore, any guest of the capital can easily find entertainment to taste.