The capital of Paraguay, Asuncion, is quite small with a population of 500,000. The majority of the population is under 30 years of age. The city is one of the most charming and peaceful cities in Paraguay. Don’t expect the fast pace of life in the city. Asuncion is more likely to surprise you with its empty streets from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening.

The capital of Paraguay is a small lakes, natural parks, beautiful nature and historical buildings. At the end of the day you can dine with local delicacies in the bars, cafes and restaurants, where you can also chat with the local people.

Asuncion, Asuncion / Paraguay

Asuncion / Paraguay How to Get There?

You can get to Asuncion on a direct flight from Sao Paulo, Panama, Lisbon, Lima and some other cities. In other cases, the flight to Asuncion on a transfer flight can be with two or more transfers, which, of course, significantly increases the travel time. From the international airport Asuncion, Silvio Pettirossi to get to the city by bus or taxi. You can move around the city on foot or by renting a car. A taxi can be another option to move around the city. If you want to take a taxi, do not forget that the prices are higher late at night and on weekends.

Asuncion, Asuncion / Paraguay

Information about Asuncion / Paraguay

As a result of bloody war with Brazil in 1865-1870, Paraguay lost half of its population. Later the war with Bolivia in the period 1932-1935 led to the loss of land. Since then, Paraguay has entered a period of political instability for the next 20 years. The economy of modern Paraguay is stable, as is the political structure of the country. Paraguay was discovered by Diaz de Solis in 1515. The state is bordered by Bolivia to the Northwest, Brazil to the northeast and Argentina to the West.

Asuncion, Asuncion / Paraguay

Start exploring the city from the Central city square. Edificio Capasa is the pearl of ancient Asuncion. You should look at this historic building, it is one of the best examples of Spanish architecture. The national development Bank is the best example of the neoclassical style. Those who are interested in history will like to visit two important museums in Asuncion. Railway Museum, where you can see the whole process of urbanization of the city in the past. And the second Museum is the Del Barro Museum, which consists of three parts: The Museum of ceramics, the Museum of indigenous art and the Museum of modern art.

Asuncion, Asuncion / Paraguay

The Botanical garden and zoo of Asuncion is a semi-natural Park with pedestrian areas, horse riding and Hiking around a small lake. After a walk in the fresh air in the Park, climb to the tallest building nearby to see the city from a height. You can take a picture of a beautiful view of the city, the Bay, the river.

Accommodation in Asuncion / Paraguay

Asuncion can offer you a variety of accommodation options both luxurious and quite economical. Most hotels are located around the town square.

Asuncion, Asuncion / Paraguay

Dazzler Asuncion: 300 luxury rooms are available in this hotel.  You can enjoy the pool on the top floor of the roof of the hotel with magnificent views of the city. Spacious rooms with air conditioning, massage, Spa services, there is everything to live in luxury.

La Mision Hotel Boutique: you can have a great time in La Mision with its stylish, comfortable rooms, restaurant, bar. Boutique hotel in Asuncion is a budget accommodation option.