Aydin is located in the Aegean region of Turkey. Although the city center is located in the depths of the mainland, the city has access to the most beautiful embankments. To the west of the city are the Aegean Sea, Manisa and Izmir. To the east is located Denizli and Mugla in the south. Tourism is well developed in Aydin, especially in the districts of Soke, Didim and Kusadasi on the Aegean coast. In the inner parts of the mainland are concentrated archaeological, natural and cultural attractions. In addition, there are thermal springs not far from Aydin in the area of ​​Burhankent, and here healthy tourism is well developed.

Aydin How to get there?

There is no airport in the city and its surroundings. So, you can get to Aydin only by land, using the bus or car. From Izmir and Denizli you can get here by rail; the trip does not take much time. You can also use sea ferries, because There are moorings in Kusadasi and Didim.

In the city it is most convenient to travel by car. This will ensure your freedom of movement. You can easily find car rentals in the city center. If for any reason you cannot rent a car, then Aydin public transport is at your service. To save money on travel, you can use special transport cards called Aykart. These cards are valid throughout the public transport of the city.

Aydin What to See?

Lake Bafa

Lake Bafa, known as the largest lake in the Aegean region, is located 90 kilometers from Aydin in the southwest. A part of Lake Bafa lies within the boundaries of the province of Mugla. The lake was once connected to the sea. To the northeast of the lake are Besparmak mountains, and to the south – Labada mountain. Three sides of the lake are surrounded by mountains and only one plain. The lake is fed by spring water from the mountains. Lake Bafa is a resting place for many species of birds during their migration. In the mountains surrounding the lakes, tourists can go hiking or rock climbing. In addition, on the small islands of the lake there are ancient ruins of churches, fortresses and villages. From this point of view, Lake Bafa is a unique place, combining archaeological monuments and natural attractions.

Aydin, Aydin (Turkey) Travel Guide


In terms of the availability of historical and natural beauty, Kusadasi is a great place that must be seen by those who come to Aydin. Kusadasi is located 59 kilometers from the center of Aydin. Travel time is only about 40 minutes. Here, every tourist will find entertainment to your liking. There are many beautiful beaches for those who like to swim and sunbathe on a sun lounger. The choice of beaches is really very large. Here are just a few of them: Kadilar Beach, Sevgi Beach, Guvercin Ada Beach and others. Also, in Kusadasi there are many historically monuments for those who love sightseeing holidays. You can visit the Caravansaray Okuz Mehmet Pasha and the island of Guvercinli. You may also be interested to see the ancient Greek village in Doganbey.

Aydin, Aydin (Turkey) Travel Guide


The center of Didim is 100 kilometers from the center of Aydin. Travel time is about 1.5 hours. Didim is the second address that is worth visiting for all tourists who love sea holidays. Altinkum beach is the most famous and popular beach in the region. The beach has earned such love of holidaymakers thanks to the clean and sandy seabed. In addition to the beach holiday, Didim also has historical and natural monuments. The island of Sapla Ada was formed by the eruption of an ancient volcano in the 1500s. You can walk from the sea to the island in some periods of the year at low tide. Also, in Didim there are ancient buildings, such as the baths of Faustina and the temple of Apollo, dating back to the Roman period.

Aydin, Aydin (Turkey) Travel Guide