Holidays in Turkey are not only golden beaches and the sea, but also a wide variety of attractions, both natural and man-made. The culture of the country is so rich that if you really want to study it, you just will not have enough a few days. If you are interested in the traditions and history of Islam, then go to Konya. It is here that the most beautiful and most unusual mosque is located – Aziziye Mosque.

Konya is considered the main religious center of Turkey. The city has many religious historical monuments. It was in Konya that the Order of Dervish Mevlevi and the famous Dervish Dance, which became one of the symbols of Turkey, originated.

History of Aziziye Mosque

The exact date of construction of the Aziziye Mosque is not known. However, historians were able to establish that the construction was most likely completed in the period 1671-1676. Two centuries later, the building was destroyed by fire. It was possible to restore the mosque only in 1875 at the insistence of the mother of Sultan Abdul Aziz. His name was called a new mosque.

The appearance of the mosque is significantly different from what you might have seen. The architecture of the building clearly shows the influence of European culture. As a result of the merger of two styles of construction, the Ottoman Baroque turned out. Huge arched windows in the entire height of the mosque and elegant minarets made of carved stone give this mosque an original look.

Aziziye Mosque, Aziziye Mosque / Konya, Turkey

The interior of the mosque also amazes those who see them. In the mosque a lot of light, thanks to the lamp and a large chandelier. On the walls, you can see gilded stucco and Arabic calligraphy.

The entrance to the mosque is free for everyone. Tourists are allowed to attend the mosque in the morning and afternoon hours.

How to get to Aziziye Mosque

Aziziye Mosque is located in the center of the Old Town of Konya; therefore, walking there, it cannot be overlooked. The main reference point for you can be the Museum of Mevlana, near which the mosque is located. If you are not one of those who like to walk, then you can take a taxi. Those who want to save on travel can use the city buses and trams.

Aziziye Mosque, Aziziye Mosque / Konya, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Aziziye Mosque

Hotels in Konya offer a wide range of accommodation from luxurious to quite budget rooms. If you decide to stay in Konya, then look at the short list of the hotels closest to Aziziye Mosque below:

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Aziziye Mosque, Aziziye Mosque / Konya, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Aziziye Mosque

If after a walk around the city and a visit to Aziziye Mosque, you get hungry, and then go to one of the nearest restaurants or cafes. Here you can discover the national Turkish cuisine, delicious desserts and of course, the famous Turkish coffee.

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