Balaton Lake is a 1.5-hour drive from Budapest. This is one of the main tourist magnets in Hungary. Several famous resorts are located on its coast, each of which is ideal for a relaxing holiday and restore health. Balaton Lake is the largest freshwater body in Central Europe with thermal and mineral springs. It resembles a sea in size, a sparkling blue surface and well-developed infrastructure on the coast.

European tourists with different income levels have long known and love this place and come here every year. The lake resorts offer guests a variety of activities for every taste: from a yacht trip to a bicycle route in the local mountains. Beach lovers can also relax, because the local conditions and infrastructure will surely appeal to both adults and children. In addition, wanting to diversify their leisure, tourists can go on sightseeing tours to local caves, fortresses and museums. Do not forget that Balaton Lake is also a health resort with healing mineral springs and a whole range of wellness treatments. In a word, this is a great place for a summer vacation for the whole family, which we will talk about in our guide.

Balaton Lake,Hungary, Balaton Lake, Hungary Travel Guide

How to get to Balaton Lake?

Balaton Lake is located near Budapest, just a 1.5-hour drive. That is why most tourists go to the lake from the Hungarian capital. There are several ways to do this:

  • By train. This is the easiest way. Trains depart from the South and East Railway Stations of the city. Travel time is about 2.5 hours, the final stop is the city of Siofok.
  • By bus. You can also get to Balaton by bus (transport company Volanbusz). Routes to Siofok depart every day from the Nepliget station, travel time is about 2 hours.
  • Those who prefer independent travel and freedom of movement can rent a car in Budapest or at the airport. The road is convenient, there are signs everywhere and getting lost is almost impossible. The trip will take about 1.5 hours.

Balaton Lake,Hungary, Balaton Lake, Hungary Travel Guide

Resorts on Balaton Lake: where to go?

All resorts of Balaton Lake can be conditionally divided into resorts of the South and North coast. We will tell you more about them:

South Coast resorts are ideal for youth and families with children. It is always noisy and crowded, and numerous bars and clubs hold spontaneous parties every night. The south coast has excellent beaches where you can find a variety of water activities for adults and children. Also, on this coast is a balneological resort known for healing carbonic springs and a range of wellness treatments. The main resorts of the south are the cities of Siofok and Santod, Fonyod and Balatonfoldvar.

Balaton Lake,Hungary, Balaton Lake, Hungary Travel Guide

The North Coast resorts are no less interesting, but there is a calmer and more relaxed atmosphere. Tourists come here who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy nature in all its splendor. There are also many excellent beaches, a rich excursion and activities program, and of course there are health resorts.

Among the main resorts of the coast can be noted Keszthely, Badacsony, Tihany Peninsula, Balatonfured and Tapolce. The latter two are especially popular among tourists looking for wellness treatments.