Basel is one of the three largest cities in Switzerland. It is located on the banks of the River Rhine near the border of France and Germany. About 200 thousand people live here, but every year more than 1 million tourists visit the city.

The city is located most of all Swiss universities, so the urban population for the most part are young people. There are a lot of young people and tourists; of course, the entertainment industry is well developed. We will tell about this in our Entertainment Guide in Basel, about its festivals and nightlife.

Basel Festivals

In Basel, as well as throughout Switzerland, there are many different festivals dedicated to different themes and events. Perhaps the most important of them is the Basel Carnival (Fastnacht). It takes place in early March and combines noisy merry festivities and age-old traditions. As part of this festival, a carnival costume procession lasts 3 days. Interestingly, the fest provides for a strict separation between spectators and participants. Therefore, only members of the carnival-musical unions who have applied in advance can take part in the carnival.

Another no less interesting event in the life of the city is the International Basel Art Festival. It takes place in June and collects more than 300 artists from around the world, who present their works during the festival. Guests and participants of the festival can visit exhibitions of sculptures, paintings, showings of short films and performances of musical and theatrical groups.

Basel, Basel, Switzerland

In addition, in Basel also pass:

  • Exhibition Baselworld (March);

Within the festival, over 2 thousand of the best Swiss manufacturers present their best models of watches to visitors. At the exhibition, you can either buy yourself any copy or make a good deal for your business.

  • Balois Session Basel Festival (November);

Jazz festival in which in the city act as world jazz stars and little-known musicians.

  • Basel Tatoo (July);

This is a festival of military bands. The festival also includes performances of bagpipers and dance groups.

Basel Nightlife

Despite the fact that the population of city is quite small, there is a surprisingly active and vibrant nightlife. The choice of places where you can have fun pleasantly surprises with its diversity. At the same time, the city offers both inexpensive places for students and luxurious institutions for those whose budget is unlimited.

One of the most popular places to dine is Safran Zunft or Hasenburg. It serves traditional Swiss cuisine, and at very reasonable prices.

Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Nightlife in Basel offers many different alternatives in the form of bars, nightclubs, dance floors and concert halls, each of which its own peculiarity has. For example, in the Campari Bar you can find at least 200 kinds of cocktails. Cargobar offers 16 different beers, some of which are among the best in Switzerland.