Each of us at a certain moment gets tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. And then we so want to relax in a quiet and peaceful place. In a place where there are mountains, plains and rivers. But is there such a place? Of course, there is! And one of these places is Belmopan, the capital of Belize.

Belize is a small country. It is located north of the plains, south of the mountains and forests. Belmopan, the capital of Belize, is also the smallest capital in the world. This city with its wonderful weather provides an opportunity to truly relax. Now let’s see how to get to Belmopan, Belize. If you decide to go here, we will tell you where to stay and what to see in Belmopan.

Belmopan, Belmopan / Belize

Belmopan / Belize How to get there

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Europe to Belize. To get to Belize, you can use flights with transfers to the United States, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador or Guatemala. Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport is located 13 kilometers north-west of the center of Belize City. From here you can reach Belmopan by bus or by small plane from local airlines. It is worth noting that during the return flight from the country, tourists must pay a fee of $ 15 per person.

Belmopan, Belmopan / Belize

Information about Belmopan Belize

Belmopan has been the capital of Belize since 1970 only. Until that time, the capital of the state was the largest city in the country, Belize City. However, after a devastating hurricane, the authorities decided to move the capital into the mainland. Now the capital is located in a quiet and cozy place in the valley of the Belize River near Pine Ridge Mountain. The population of Belmopan is about 22,500 people. There are no skyscrapers and industrial buildings in the city. Belmopan looks like a big park, where even car traffic is not active, and residents and tourists prefer to walk on foot. The buildings are quite simple and have elements of Mayan architecture in their architecture. The symbol of Belize is black orchids. There are about 300 orchid varieties throughout the country.

There are no casinos, luxury hotels and noisy nightclubs in Belmopan. But there are natural parks, reserves with unique vegetation and animals. Also, in the vicinity of Belmopan there are amazing natural attractions. For example, the Blue Hole lagoon, jaguars reserve, caves and waterfalls. For those who love outdoor activities in Belmopan and its surroundings there is a well-developed infrastructure for diving.

Belmopan, Belmopan / Belize

Another attraction of Belmopan is the Archaeological Museum. Here are exhibits and artifacts telling about the history and culture of the Mayan nations. Belmopan can be the point of your departure to the unique monuments of an ancient civilization.

Belmopan is a quiet and safe city. You can safely walk at any time of the day or night. We also recommend that you visit the Barcuidier Falls, the George Price Center for Peace and Development, the Orchid Garden, the Isidora Beaton Multifunction Stadium and the Belize Central Zoo.

Hotels in Belmopan / Belize

There are about 20 hotels in Belmopan. These hotels offer great discounts when booking online. On average, the cost of a hotel room ranges from 50 to 70 dollars. In addition, in the capital of Belize there are a lot of offers on accommodation from small hotels and guesthouses. Here a tourist will give about 15-20 dollars per day. Most hotels have Wi-Fi. If you book a room before arriving in Belmopan, you will not have problems finding accommodation during your visit.

Belmopan, Belmopan / Belize