Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the most important and popular cities among tourists in Europe. It has a long history, which dates back to the 13th century. At the same time, the newest history of the city and what happened here in the 20th century is no less interesting from the point of view of culture and the impact it has had not only on Germany, but also on the world as a whole.

Berlin is one of the leading cultural centers in Europe. In addition to many museums, galleries and theaters, various festivals are held in the city, and the coolest parties are held in clubs. In the capital of Germany, new styles and subcultures are constantly emerging, and it is very interesting to watch them.

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Berlin Festivals

Berlin Festivals are held throughout the year and are devoted to a variety of topics and events. Locals and guests attend them. Here are just some of the most famous festivals in Berlin:

  • International Berlin Beer Festival – August;

As the name suggests, the fest is dedicated to the foamy drink, which the Germans are very fond of. The main purpose of the festival is to present the consumer with a maximum of various beers. For example, last year, more than 350 German breweries took part in the event.

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

  • Light Festival – November;

For two weeks in November, about 100 different architectural monuments and buildings in Berlin are illuminated, enraptured the residents and guests of the capital. In addition to light installations, participants of the festival arrange light performances that are projected on buildings.

  • JazzFest – September;

The festival gathers musicians from all over the world and is considered one of the oldest and most respected jazz events in Europe.

Berlin Nightlife

There are many pubs, bars and nightclubs in Berlin, where entertainment continues until dawn. Many clubs are located in very exotic places, for example in buildings of old factories or in attics. Prices for drinks and entrance fees are at a reasonable level compared to most European cities.

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Berlin, in a sense, is considered the center of house music in Europe. More than 200 nightclubs every night invite guests to dance and have fun. As a rule, parties start after 10-11 pm, the price of entrance tickets vary from 5 to 20 euros. Often in clubs popular DJs, musical groups or dancers perform with a show program.

There are many bars in Berlin, some of which work around the clock. By the way, some travel companies arrange excursions on them. Therefore, if you are interested, in one night you will visit the most famous places in the city. As a rule, live music plays in bars and there is an excellent menu with a variety of delicious dishes.