Bilecik is one of the smallest provinces in Turkey. It is located in the southeast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. The location of the city favors its rapid development and growth. Bilecik is also a transition point for Earth’s landscapes and climate change.

Bilecik, Bilecik (Turkey) Travel Guide

Throughout its history, the city has changed several names. The founders of the city and its first inhabitants were Byzantines. Then the city passed under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Now the city is located on the territory of Turkey and preserves the appearance and heritage of each period of its history. The natural beauty of Bilecik is striking in its magnificence. Here are beautiful hills, forests, streams, which offer ideal conditions for recreation on the nature or camping. Not far from the town is Iznik Lake, where fishermen and lovers of active water activities love to spend time. Bilecik city ranks first in the production of pomegranate in the country.

Bilecik How to get there?

The easiest and most convenient way to get to Bilecik is to take a long-distance bus. Flights to the city you can find from any bus station. You can also use the car. In major cities and airport terminals are car rental desks.

You can travel around Bilecik itself by public transport. The city has seven operating public bus lines. Buses are available from 07:00 to 22:00. You can also take a taxi.

Bilecik, Bilecik (Turkey) Travel Guide

Bilecik Attractions

According to scientists, Bilecik was founded around 3000 BC. The city was home to many civilizations from ancient times to the present day. Some historical landmarks are located in the city center or in the immediate vicinity. So, let’s take a look at the sights in more detail.

Tomb of Sheikh Edebali

Sheikh Edebali is the famous spiritual founder of the Ottoman Empire. After his death, his tomb was built by Orhan Gazi. The upper part of the tomb is covered with a tiled roof, because the dome was damaged during the hostilities. In the room where the body of Sheikh Edebali and his family is located, there are seven large and four small sarcophagi. The ceiling of this room is rectangular. The tomb also has two rooms that are used as a guest house and a mosque.

Bilecik, Bilecik (Turkey) Travel Guide

Sogut Ertugrul Gazi Museum

The museum is located in the town of Sogut in the province of Bilecik. It is not known exactly what year the museum was built. The approximate date of foundation of the museum is considered to be the beginning of the 1900s. The museum got its name in honor of Osman First Ertugrul’s father. His tomb is also located in this museum. Here are hundreds of exhibits that tell the story of the creation of the Ottoman Empire. Also, the appearance of the museum is very interesting. It is made of wood, and its roof is still tiled with Alatura and fully conveys the historical spirit of the building. After restoration, the museum opened its doors to visitors in 2001. In addition to the exhibits of the Ottoman Empire, the museum also has Byzantine and Roman artifacts.

Bilecik, Bilecik (Turkey) Travel Guide

Plateau Komursuyu

Komursuyu plateau is located 28 kilometers from Bilecik. The plateau has an area of about 90 hectares and is located at an altitude of 1700 meters from the sea. Four spring sources flow through the plateau. Nowadays hiking and camping are especially popular here. Also, local authorities plan to develop infrastructure for winter recreation and sports here.

Bilecik, Bilecik (Turkey) Travel Guide