Bled is one of the most favorite resort cities among European tourists. Why do tourists love this city so much? First of all, for its versatility. It has everything you need for a good holiday: mountains with a lake, thermal springs, infrastructure that satisfies the tastes of even the most demanding tourists, and of course attractions. This place is ideal for a romantic trip, or for relaxing with children. There are always many holidaymakers who enjoy swimming in the lake and visiting attractions in the summer, and in the winter, they conquer the mountain peaks and ski. The city is literally hidden from the hustle and bustle of modern life, it is always quiet here.

How to get to Bled

There is no airport in Bled, so you can only get here with a change in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It is located near Bled; the distance is slightly more than 40 km (30 minutes by car).

To get from the Jozhe Puchnik Airport to Bled you can take a taxi or a tourist shuttle. You can also take the bus yourself, but you will have to change bus in the city of Kranj. This way, although the cheapest, will take longer. However, if you are not in a hurry, you can safely go on a journey.

Bled, Bled, Slovenia Travel Guide

Sights of Bled

The main attraction in Bled is of course the glacial Bled Lake. This is one of the most picturesque places in Europe. Many tourists and travelers call the lake a real pearl of Slovenia. Here you will find clean mountain air and mild weather conditions. In the middle of the lake is a small island with the Church of the Virgin Mary. You can visit the island with a boat trip on the lake.

Among other, no less interesting sights of Bled include:

  • Bled Castle (11th century);
  • Vintgar Gorge (hiking trail along the cliffs);
  • Triglav National Park;
  • Martin’s Parish Church;
  • Iglik Waterfall;
  • Witch Tooth Cave;
  • Monorail riding (summer sled);
  • Thermal springs;
  • Alpine skiing (in winter).

Bled, Bled, Slovenia Travel Guide

Hotels in Bled

Bled is a very small city and you can move on foot only. However, comfortable accommodation depends on your vacation priorities. Of course, the lake can serve as an absolute guideline for you: the closer the hotel is to it, the better, more comfortable, and the view from the window is more beautiful, of course.

Bled offers a good selection of hotels, mainly 3 * or 4 *. The only 5 * hotel is Toplice. Most hotels are located in the city center and closer to the lake. However, there are hotels that stand by the lake, but a little removed from the city.

Here are a few hotels where you could stay:

  • Penzion Kaps
  • Hotel Astoria Bled
  • Jazz Rooms & Apartments
  • Castle Hostel 1004
  • Best Western Premier Hotel Lovec
  • Hotel Ribno
  • Hotel Park
  • Hotel Kompas Bled
  • Nature Hotel Lukanc
  • Hotel Savica Garni