Turkey can easily compete with any of the countries of the world in the number of the most unusual museums. Here they are no less than anywhere else. One of these museums is the Bogatepe Cheese Museum. It is located in the village of Bogatepe in the Turkish province of Kars at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level. On a huge plateau are 6 villages that were founded in the 1800s. Since then, the locals are engaged in cheese making, and their cheese has become known throughout the world.

History of Bogatepe Cheese Museum

The production of cheese in Kars is inextricably linked with the village of Bogatepe, where Molokans live. These are the descendants of the Russians who lived on these lands in the 18th century. At that time, this part of Turkey belonged to the Russian Empire, but eventually withdrew to the Turks. But the Molokans did not leave their homes and stayed. They were engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and cheese making. This was their main source of income.

In 1910, the Swiss cheese producer David Moser arrived in the village and put into practice new ideas and technologies in the production of cheese. After that, the production of several varieties of cheese was launched in the village. In total, there were 32 varieties.

Bogatepe Cheese Museum, Bogatepe Cheese Museum / Kars, Turkey

With the increasing globalization and standardization of food, the main varieties of cheese that Kars produces are Kasseri, Gruyere and Chechil. This adversely affected the assortment of cheese produced. And in order to preserve the recipes, as well as support the production of all types of cheese, the Bogatepe Cheese Museum was created.

The museum is located in a former dairy farm. It exhibits traditional tools used in cheese production for the past 140 years. And of course, everyone is invited to try the local cheese, which they can buy here.

How to get to Bogatepe Cheese Museum?

The nearest airport to the Bogatepe Cheese Museum is located in Kars. It serves only domestic flights, so if you are traveling from abroad, choose flights with a stopover in Istanbul or Ankara. From the airport you need to get to the city center and transfer to the bus following the route to Bogatepe. Travel time to the museum will be about 40 minutes.

Bogatepe Cheese Museum, Bogatepe Cheese Museum / Kars, Turkey

Nearest hotels to the Bogatepe Cheese Museum

There are no hotels around the village of Bogatepe. Therefore, we recommend that you stay in hotels in Kars. There you will find hotels for every taste and budget. Among them:

  • Cheltikov Hotel
  • Konak Hotel
  • Hotel Kent Ani
  • Hotel Ipekyolu
  • Karsi Sirin
  • Wintercity Hotel
  • Kale Otel
  • The Karspark Hotel

Bogatepe Cheese Museum, Bogatepe Cheese Museum / Kars, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to the Bogatepe Cheese Museum

In addition to tasting cheese in the Bogatepe Cheese Museum and a small village shop you will hardly find an opportunity to eat around the museum. Therefore, if you want to order a full dinner or lunch, you should go to Kars. It is there that the nearest restaurants and cafes are located. Among them:

  • Kamer
  • Kars Kaz Evi
  • Hanimeli Kars Mutfagi
  • Puskin Restoran
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