Bolu enchants its guests with natural beauty and views. The city is located in the Black Sea region of Turkey on the middle of the road between Istanbul and Ankara. Every year thousands of people visit Bolu to enjoy a wonderful outdoor recreation. About 300,000 people live in the city. The mountains in Bolu occupy more than half of the entire territory of the province. Another 30% of the territory is covered by forests. The most beautiful view of Bolu is acquired in the autumn, when the guests of the city have the opportunity to appreciate the entire palette of colors of the autumn leaf fall. There are 9 districts in the city of Bolu. These areas are: Merken, Gerede, Goynuk, Mudurnu, Mengen, Yenisaga, Seben, Kibriscik and Dortdivan.

Bolu how to get there

Getting to Bolu is easy from any region of Turkey. However, this can be done only by land: by bus or car. Unfortunately, the city has no airports and train station. The nearest airport to the city is Cengiz Topel Airport, located in Kocaeli, 145 kilometers away. It is best for foreign tourists to arrive at Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul or Esenboga Airport in Ankara. After landing at these airports, you can reach Bolu by intercity bus or rent a car. If you are traveling to Bolu from Istanbul, your journey will take about 3.5 hours. Similarly, if you come from Ankara, your journey will take 2 hours and 45 minutes. In winter, there is heavy snowfall in Bolu, so travel time will increase significantly.

Bolu, Bolu (Turkey) Travel Guide

Places to visit in Bolu

The city of Bolu is a famous skiing center in Turkey. In summer, spring and autumn there are also things to do for tourists. There are hiking, rock climbing, camping, paragliding, biking and much more. In Bolu there are many lakes where you can swim, sunbathe and fish. There are also several historical sites, museums and galleries. This is ideal for those tourists who love sightseeing tourism. In addition, Bolu is known throughout Turkey as a province with the highest quality and taste of food. There are often festivals and competitions for the title of the best chef.

Bolu, Bolu (Turkey) Travel Guide

Lake Abant

Lake Abant and its surrounding areas are a national park. The lake appeared several million years ago as a result of the displacement of the Earth’s crust. Abant has an area of ​​125 hectares and is located at an altitude of 1,325 meters above sea level. The deepest place in the lake is 18 meters, and the average depth is from 10 to 15 meters. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities, thanks to the developed infrastructure. Here you can rent almost any equipment from a boat or a tent to a fishing rod and bicycle. This place is ideal for those who want to relax in nature.

Bolu, Bolu (Turkey) Travel Guide

Kartalkaya ski resort

Kartalkaya ski resort is one of the most popular places for those who come to Bolu in the winter. The ski center is located in the Koroglu Mountains, 38 kilometers from Bolu. In winter, the snow thickness here reaches up to 3 meters. The ski center has 13 ski slopes, the total length of which is 30 km.

Bolu, Bolu (Turkey) Travel Guide

In addition to the snowy landscapes and natural beauty, the ski resort is an excellent place for those who are passionate about winter sports. In the ski center, you can ski, snowboard and so on among the magnificent pine forests and enjoy a winter holiday in luxury hotels. The season in the ski center is usually open from December to March.