Camping holidays every year becomes more and more popular. Life in the cities takes a lot of energy and sometimes, we just need a breath of fresh air and rest in nature. Camping sites in Turkey have long been known for their beautiful views and clean air. Bozcaada Camp is considered one of the best in the country. It is located in the province of Сanakkale on an island in the Aegean Sea. Camp is surrounded by a pine forest and welcomes its guests. Here you can set up a tent just 200 meters from the sea and spend time alone with nature.

Bozcaada Camp / Сanakkale, how to get there?

Bozcaada is an island in the Aegean Sea, located in the province of Canakkale, Turkey. The only way to get to the island is by ferry. Ferries depart from Ezine.

The nearest airport to Ezine is located in Canakkale. The airport serves only local flights, so you can get here with a transfer in Istanbul or Ankara.

Bozcaada Camp, Bozcaada Kamp Alani (Сanakkale): Camping in Turkey

For those who want to go to Bozcaada by car, should follow the route to Tekirdag, Gelibolu, Canakkale and further to Ezine. Ferries carry both passengers and their cars.

Information about Bozcaada Camp / Canakkale

Bozcaada Camp welcomes guests annually from May to the end of September. The camp is ideal for those who want to relax in nature, enjoying beautiful views and clean air. Camp is located in the middle of a pine forest and just 200 meters from the sea on the Aegean coast.

Camping area is big enough. There is enough space to accommodate not only tents, but also motor homes. Those who travel by car can also use the parking at the campsite. The campsite has electricity, shower, toilets, laundry, rental equipment for outdoor recreation, dining areas and barbecue areas. In camp, you can order breakfast, buy soft drinks or alcohol. Part of the camp is located in open space, so bamboo sheds are equipped here so that you can place the tent in the shade.

Bozcaada Camp, Bozcaada Kamp Alani (Сanakkale): Camping in Turkey

In the vicinity of the camp there are many interesting places to visit. Those who do not wish to spend the whole day in the camp can go to:

  • Yeni Kale (New Fortress)
  • Bozcaada Beaches
  • Winery
  • Ayazma Monastery
  • Polent Lighthouse
  • Bozcaada Museum
  • Church of the Virgin Mary
  • Fortress of Bozcaada

Where to stay in Bozcaada Camp / Canakkale?

Bozcaada Camp offers a large selection of accommodation options. In addition to standard tents and cars, here you can also stay in bungalow for 1-3 people. They are usually equipped with a kitchen, shower and toilet. About 300 meters from the camp, there are several hotels (for example, Aya Yorgi Evleri or Afroditi Pansiyon) where you can also stay.

Bozcaada Camp, Bozcaada Kamp Alani (Сanakkale): Camping in Turkey

The price list of Bozcaada Camp is as follows:

  • Own tent / per person – $ 6
  • Renting tent / per person – $ 9
  • Camper / per person – $ 7
  • Bungalow for 3 people / for 1 person – $ 19
  • Bungalow for 3 people / for 2 person / per person – $ 13
  • Bungalow for 3 people / for 3 person / per person – $ 12
  • Electricity, shower, water, kitchen, fridge, Wi-Fi, WC – free

Prices may vary depending on the season. For more accurate pricing information, please contact camp.