Brasilia, located in South America, is the capital of Brazil. Brasilia is also the capital of festivals, carnivals and football. In addition, the capital attracts tourists with its colorful and lively lifestyle. Everything here seems thoughtful enough to make you feel comfortable. Caring, tolerant and warm people will give you a joyful holiday for the duration of your stay in this wonderful city. Beautiful at all times of the year Brasilia is an important center of modern architecture. The city is the industrial and business center of the country, tourism is also the main source of income of the economy. Every year the city is visited by thousands of tourists, there is something to see. If you are thinking of going to Brasilia, we recommend that you take more time to get a better understanding of the city.

Brasilia, Brasilia Holiday Guide / Brazil

Brasilia / Brazil How to Get There?

You can get to Brasilia, where you can go without a visa, in about 15 hours from the European part of the globe. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get to Brasilia by direct flight. You can take advantage of connecting flights via Paris, Rio de Janeiro or Amsterdam. Brasilia is one of the cities where you can use the most convenient transport to move around. Guests can enjoy views of the city by taking a taxi, metro or bus. If you are interested in the most convenient and cheapest option, we recommend you to choose a bus. It is fast and has a convenient price class.

Brasilia, Brasilia Holiday Guide / Brazil

Information about Brasilia / Brazil

Brasilia was built on a dry plateau at an altitude of 1200 meters from sea level between 1956 and 1960. The architecture and layout of the city was specially designed by Lucio Costa and chief architect Oscar Niemeyer. As soon as you arrive in Brasilia, the location of the city and the perfect harmony of architectural structures will be immediately visible to you. The city rightfully occupies the first place among the best plans for the construction of cities of the 21st century. Brasilia is the most attractive city in South America with beautiful nature and historical sights.

We recommend starting a tour of the city from the Cathedral of Brasilia. Built in 1970, the Cathedral will surpass all such architectural structures you have seen so far. Brasilia Cathedral, designed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, is an exquisite work of art, decorated with elegant details in a modern style. Dos Povos Indigenas memorial is an important Museum where you can see the culture and works of pre-colonial Brazilian indigenous peoples. The Bosco house Church, built in honor of the priest Bosco, who devoted his life to street children and suffering people, is an important place that attracts visitors every year with its magnificent architecture.

Brasilia, Brasilia Holiday Guide / Brazil

Brazil national Park is famous for its lush nature. The Park is one of the most famous in many national parks of the city. In addition to observing the various animals in the Park, you can spend a relaxing day in nature. Especially you will be attracted the lake which located in the heart of the Park. In addition, Brazil’s largest thermal springs are located in the national Park of Brazil.

Accommodation in Brasilia / Brazil

Brasilia is the richest city in Brazil, where you can find a wide choice of accommodation. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel and your priority is comfort or you prefer clean and charming apartments, Brazil can provide you with any accommodation option. According to statistics, the highest level of satisfaction with living in tourist cities is in Brasilia. In the city center you can easily find a suitable place to stay. Here are the places we can recommend you;

Brasilia, Brasilia Holiday Guide / Brazil

Hplus Express Hotel: this is a favorite place for tourists at an affordable price. Clean rooms, good quality food and service are waiting for you in this hotel.

Saint Moritz Hplus Express Hotel: there is a magnificent view of the city is the best place where you can find comfort with luxury and rich interior design, tasty and varied food.

Allia Gran Hotel Brasilia Suites: here is a good ratio of price and quality, polite staff, you can comfortably accommodate in the center of the city.

Brasilia will definitely charm your heart and give a sense of celebration. We wish you a pleasant stay in Brasilia.