Bridgetown / Barbados is the place where history and modernity meet, a city where modern multi-storey office buildings adjoin the buildings of the 17th century. Barbados is exactly what you are looking for if you are going on vacation abroad. Bridgetown is a unique place that offers a view to a rich historical heritage, and on the other hand has all the advantages of a modern city located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Today we want to tell you a little about the capital of Barbados. How to get there? What is this city? And which hotel to choose? Read the answers to these questions further.

Bridgetown, Bridgetown / Barbados

Bridgetown / Barbados How to Get There?

You can get to Bridgetown on direct flights from the USA and Canada, Jamaica and Brazil, the UK and Germany and some other countries. The flight time can take from 40 minutes to 48 hours, depending on your place of departure. Sir Grantley Adams International Airport Bridgetown is located 13 kilometers from the capital. You can get to the city from the airport by taxi or public transport.

Bridgetown, Bridgetown / Barbados

Information about Bridgetown / Barbados

Barbados is an independent country since 1966. This place is part of a group of Caribbean islands. Bridgetown, the largest city of Barbados, is the capital of the country. The population of this city is 110 000 people. The city from the first day of creation to the present day is an important trading center of the Caribbean region and Barbados in particular. Bridgetown is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean region. It is a modern city with beautiful landscapes, beaches and historic buildings.

Bridgetown for many years was part of the British colony and preserved historical monuments reflecting the British culture of the 17th century. The Barbados Museum, formerly used as a prison, was founded in 1933. In this museum you can see many interesting exhibits from jewelry and African masks to works of art.

Bridgetown, Bridgetown / Barbados

The Church of St. Mary is one of the best-preserved historic buildings of the island. We also recommend visiting the Royal Park in the city center. This is the place where you will feel that your soul is resting while you are walking. Here are the main types of flora of the Caribbean region. The symbol of the park is a giant baobab, whose age is more than 1000 years.

Bridgetown is a paradise from the point of view of shopping and tourism. Here you can buy shoes, clothes, visit jewelry and souvenir shops. Pican Village is the most famous shopping district of the city. Souvenirs, bags, carpets – this is a small part of what is sold here. If you visit the Dingaloy store, you will find excellent handmade clay products. Be sure to look at what is offered for sale at Damons International Jewelry Store in Bridgetown. The sales of jewelers in Barbados are so high that it can be compared as one third of the whole European market.

Accommodation Bridgetown / Barbados

Coral Sonds Beach Resord: this is one of the most romantic hotels. You can make evening walks along the coast or the beautiful gardens.

Emerold Ridge Guest House: In this hotel you will find excellent services. There is a bar, an outdoor terrace and a swimming pool.

Bridgetown, Bridgetown / Barbados

Melburne Inn: this is a simple and comfortable hotel. This hotel with an outdoor pool, a large and comfortable spa bath offers an excellent stay.

Sonbay Hotel: this is a unique hotel with luxurious rooms, large green areas and a restaurant for romantic dinners.