Buenos Aires is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The Argentine capital attracts millions of tourists every year thanks to a combination of modern skyscrapers and old Spanish quarters in a colonial style. The old part of the city resembles European cities, and the new districts of the capital are a modern city with high-rise buildings, fashionable shops, shopping centers and restaurants.

In addition to an interesting excursion program, Argentina is also a great place for entertainment: from passionate tango to incredible football. In addition, festivals and holidays are regularly held here, and when evening comes, the city offers bright nightlife. Read more in our entertainment guide in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Festivals

Buenos Aires annually hosts dozens of colorful festivals. The largest of these is the Argentine Carnival, which takes place over two months (January and February). The scope of the event is impressive. Every weekend during the entire period of the fest of the city of Argentina, carnival processions welcome, and the streets are filled with bright colors. Various dance and art groups of the capital participate in the carnival. This is a great time and place to experience the culture of Argentina so close.

Another no less interesting event in the capital of Argentina is the International Tango Festival, which takes place in October. The whole city moves in the rhythm of tango, and you will find this dance here everywhere: on stages and just on the streets of the city. In addition to dancers, various orchestras also perform, and you can get tickets for all performances free.

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina Entertainment Guide

Also in October in Buenos Aires Guitar Festival takes place. During the festival, guitarists from not only Latin America, but also from Europe, perform on city stages and concert venues.

Another important festival in the city is the Fair of Contemporary Art. About 500 different artists exhibit their works in various art forms at fairs open as part of the festival.

Buenos Aires Nightlife

You may have attended night parties in other cities around the world before. However, forget about them and get to know Buenos Aires, the main sleepless city in the world. The capital of Argentina is a city that satisfies its guests in every way. If you want endless nightlife and entertainment, Buenos Aires is the right place for you.

It is not customary in the city to come to bars until 11 pm and to nightclubs until 2 nights. However, you can easily come to the restaurant for dinner even after one in the morning and there will be nothing strange about it.

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina Entertainment Guide

Here is a short list of the most popular places in Buenos Aires:

  • Alsina
  • Crobar
  • Bahrein
  • Cocoliche
  • Niceto Club
  • El patio del liceo
  • Anatares
  • Bangalore Pub and Curry House
  • Temple Bar
  • El Boliche De Roberto
  • Shanghai Dragon
  • La Cava de Jufre
  • El Alamo
  • La Capilla
  • Unicorn Hoset
  • Kika