Burdur is located in the southwest of Anatolia, just 1.5 hours’ drive from Antalya. Near the town is the lake of the same name Burdur. This is probably one of the most popular holiday destinations for both locals and tourists. Most of the province consists of mountains. According to the 2017 census, about 70 thousand people live in the city, more than 250 thousand live in the province. Districts of Burdur: Yeshilova, Chavdir, Buchak, Golhisar, Karamanli, Cheltikchi, Aglasun, Tefenni, Kemer and Altinayla. Although the city is located in the Mediterranean region, its climate is different from the coastal stripes and, therefore, has a continental climate.

Burdur How to get there?

There is no airport in Burdur. The nearest airport is located in Isparta – Isparta Suleyman Demirel Airport. It is located 25 kilometers from Burdur. From the airport to the city you can reach by bus or taxi.

In Burdur city transport is presented in the form of buses, buses and taxis. You can use the special City Card to travel in buses or use cash.

Burdur, Burdur (Turkey) Travel Guide

What to see in Burdur?

Burdur has many beautiful places that thousands of tourists come to see every year. The fact is that the city is surrounded by several lakes and national parks, where tourists can actively spend their holidays. On the other hand, the proximity of the city to Antalya, allows you to quickly change the locations and types of recreation from the beach and fishing to camping or paragliding. In Burdur there are interesting museums and historic monuments that will undoubtedly be interesting for tourists. And of course, you should not leave the city without visiting its famous lakes. Also, here you can taste the local dishes, and strengthen the health.

Salda Lake

The informal name of Salda Lake is a hidden corner of heaven on earth. This lake should be a must-see for anyone visiting Burdur. Lake Salda is located in the area of Yeshilova. It has a depth of 184 meters and is one of the deepest lakes in Turkey. Salda Lake is a salt lake. Tourists come here to admire the sandy beach and turquoise waters. If you go to Lake Salda in the summer, you can enjoy a holiday on the beaches of Salda-Orman and Yeshilova.

Burdur, Burdur (Turkey) Travel Guide

Lake Burdur

Lake Burdur is located quite close to the city. Rest on its shores is a great pleasure. Sunsets and sunrises are especially beautiful here. It is also a salt lake. There is no fish here. But the lake becomes a place for wintering and nesting of birds from all over the planet, including endangered species. Since 1993, hunting has been officially banned in the vicinity of Lake Burdur. In addition, due to the high salt concentration of the lake water have healing properties. Lake Burdur has recently become a center for water sports. Competitions in canoeing, sailing and rowing are held here every year.

Burdur, Burdur (Turkey) Travel Guide

Insuyu Cave

Another natural landmark worth visiting in Burdur is the Insuyu Cave. It is located about 13 km from the city on the Burdur-Antalya highway. The cave has a length of 597 meters. This is one of the first caves that was opened to tourists in Turkey. Inside, tourists can see stalactites and stalagmites of the most bizarre form, which were formed as a result of melting ice and erosion. It is believed that the age of the cave is several thousand years. The temperature inside the cave is the same throughout the year and is about 14 degrees Celsius.

Burdur, Burdur (Turkey) Travel Guide