Burma Cami Mosque is located in the center of the Turkish city of Usak. It is one of the culturally significant architectural objects of the city. The mosque attracts attention with its history, is also among the magnificent works of architectural art that has come down to our days.

In the past, the mosque experienced fires and earthquakes, as a result of which some of its parts were damaged. The last time the mosque was repaired in 2008 and then opened for use.

History of Burma Cami Mosque

According to historical chronicles, which were discovered, the construction of Burma Cami Mosque was carried out in the period 1572-1573. The mosque has a number of architectural features that make it very recognizable. For example, its only minaret is made in an interesting technique of masonry, so that it creates the feeling of cutting stone. The building of the mosque is made of block stone. The mosque has three domes and a separate staircase leading to the inner courtyard of the mosque. There is also a small fountain for ablutions before the prayer.

Burma Cami Mosque, Burma Cami Mosque / Usak, Turkey

The interior decor of the mosque is quite simple, the walls and domes are painted in folk style using patterns and inscriptions in Arabic. The mosque is still used for its intended purpose. The entrance to the mosque is free.

How to get to Burma Cami Mosque

Burma Cami Mosque is located in the very center of the city of Usak, therefore, it will not be difficult for you to find it. You can use public transport or walk.

Mosque address: Islice Mahallesi, Mimar Sinan Cd. No: 7

If you come to Usak by bus, you will out the bus terminal (Otogar). From him to the mosque about 10 minutes’ drive.

Usak has its own airport. True, it is small and serves only domestic flights. From the airport to the mosque no more than 15 minutes’ drive.

Burma Cami Mosque, Burma Cami Mosque / Usak, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Burma Cami Mosque

Usak is a rather small town and there are not so many hotels here. And it seems that they have not even heard of luxury five star hotels. However, all hotels in the city, though small, but clean and comfortable. Nearest hotels to Burma Cami Mosque:

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Burma Cami Mosque, Burma Cami Mosque / Usak, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Burma Cami Mosque

The best cafes and restaurants are located within walking distance of the Burma Cami Mosque. Here you can enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine: kebabs, pasta, soups, desserts and much more. And of course you should not forget about the fragrant Turkish tea or coffee brewed in the sand.

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