How about seeing ancient stones that were built 2,000 years BC? Do you want to travel through time? Then, one of the must-see places in the world is Callanish Stones / Scotland. Stones will attract all your attention and imagination until their secrets are solved.

Callanish Stones, Callanish Stones / Scotland

These mysterious ancient stones are in Scotland. If you have a planned vacation and you are interested in history and its ancient secrets, then we strongly recommend that you visit this object. Stones are one of the most interesting place of the world. So, if you decide to visit Callanish Stones / Scotland, it’s obvious that you may have the following questions. How to get there? What is this place like? Which hotel to choose for comfortable accommodation? We have found the answers to these questions for you. Please read our article to find out the answers.

Callanish Stones / Scotland How to Get There?

For today in the world there is a huge quantity of airlines which carry out direct or transfer flights to Scotland from the different countries. You can use any flights that arrive at Glasgow International Airport (GLA), Edinburgh Airport or Aberdeen Airport. In addition, you can reach Scotland via England. This will make the trip cheaper. If you want to use land transport, you can make a trip by train or car from England. Although this trip will take more time, but you can see the beautiful scenery along the way.

Callanish Stones, Callanish Stones / Scotland

Information about Callanish Stones / Scotland

According to scientists, Callanish Stones, located on the island of Lewis / Scotland, were built between 2900 and 2600 years before Christ. The height of the stones varies from 1 to 5 meters. The stones are set as a circle, in the middle of which an ancient burial was discovered.

Stones with a mystical past attracted the attention of many scientists. Scientists believe that such stone structures could be used as astronomical calendars. They found that these stones were installed, copying the model of the location of the Sun and the Moon. These stones represent the first step in the study of astronomy, which made people 2000 years BC.

Callanish Stones, Callanish Stones / Scotland

Callanish Stones consists of 13 main stones, arranged in the form of a circle, the diameter of which is 13 meters. The height of the stones on the north side is shorter than on the southern and western sides.

These stones, used to calculate the days of the year and the seasonal transition, are one of the oldest computing devices in history. The truth of the theories put forward in relation to stones is the theory that these stones are an astrological calendar.

It is still surprising how people could create such a huge calendar 2000 years before our era, without technology, machines and tools. Callanish Stones are located amid untouched lands in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Callanish Stones / Scotland Accommodation

If you come to see Callanish Stones / Scotland and are looking for accommodation here, here are some tips.

Islebebythesea: Here you can rent individual houses. These cottages include a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen also has a kettle and coffee maker. The houses are made of wood, it is very popular with the guests.

Callanish Stones, Callanish Stones / Scotland

Geolabhat Callanish: the hotel is located on the island of Lewis in close proximity to the Callanish Stones.

Cobarfeildh Hotel: here clean rooms, a good restaurant and free Wi-Fi – this is what leaves the guests completely satisfied.

Consider this information and go on a trip!