Cancun is the largest and one of the most popular resort cities in Mexico. It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean coast. Millions of tourists come here every year. Come and you too! Here, luxury hotels and snow-white beaches, the emerald transparent sea, the most fashionable shops, surfing and diving, vibrant festivals and the best bars and clubs are waiting for you.

The city is divided into two zones: Zona Hotelera is a hotel zone and Cancun City (Downtown). Downtown has all the city’s official institutions, markets, shops, as well as several great live music bars and restaurants. Prices for services here are lower than in the hotel zone.

Cancun Festivals

One of the most grandiose and unforgettable events in Cancun is the celebration of winter holidays. Usually celebrations last for almost a month: from December 3 to January 5. The fact is that in the first month of winter there are several holidays at once: Christmas, the day of Maria of Guadalupe, Posados, April Fool’s Day and New Year. All this time, the city will host festive events, concerts, processions, carnivals, fireworks and performances by artists. December is a great choice for a vacation in Mexico.

Cancun, Cancun, Mexico Entertainment Guide

From October 31 to November 2, Mexico celebrates Day of the Dead. Despite the gloomy name, this is a cheerful and fervent holiday, which cancunians celebrate with pleasure. It is believed that in order not to upset and disturb the dead, it is necessary to forget about worries and have good fun on the Day of the Dead. Cancun residents decorate the streets of the city with ribbons and garlands, hold bright processions with colorful lights sing and dance.

Among other, equally interesting festivals can be noted:

  • Inception Music Festival (May)
  • Carnival (March)
  • Film Festival (November)
  • Arts and Crafts Fair (November)

Cancun Nightlife

The most luxurious bars and clubs are located in the hotel area of the city. There are some good places in downtown, too, the atmosphere is calmer and the prices are much lower there. However, in the hotel area in local clubs and bars, you will find real drive and fun. A lot of young people and students come to Cancun, especially Americans. Therefore, the parties here are really bright and memorable.

Cancun, Cancun, Mexico Entertainment Guide

One of the city’s most popular destinations is Cuncrawl. In the club, you can have fun and dance without stopping until the early hours of the morning. Coco Bongo is another of the famous nightclubs, especially a favorite among American students. The club hosts various shows, dances and great music, sometimes with invited DJs.

Mandala Cancun is another famous place in the city to dance and relax. The club has a large dance floor and techno-style music. Part Rockers Cancun is another nightclub that has become a kind of locomotive of the city’s nightlife. Due to its high capacity, the club can host several hundred people in one night. For Cancun, this is a record.