Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, is one of the most important and vibrant cities in the country. The city is located on the very edge of the African continent and is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It has everything you need for a great holiday: picturesque mountains, the best vineyards in Africa, clean beaches and the ocean, exotic animals and of course a very vibrant nightlife.

Cape Town receives thousands of tourists every year. At the same time, in recent years, the tourism industry and infrastructure have progressed significantly in development. The city is incredibly beautiful and comfortable for holidays in Africa. In addition, there are numerous festivals devoted to various topics and events. Therefore, you will always have the opportunity to be acquainted with the culture and history of the people.

Cape Town Festivals  

Citizens love and widely celebrate various festivals, many of which have a century of history. During the holidays, residents decorate the streets of the city; everywhere you can hear music and laughter. Bright sun, ocean breeze and excellent mood – these are the main and constant attributes of any event in the capital of South Africa. Here are just some of the most famous festivals of Cape Town:

  • Cape Town Ministrel Carnival – January;

This is one of the oldest festivals in the city, the main purpose of which is to show how large and multifaceted the culture of Africans is. During the event, a carnival procession passes through the streets of the city with performances of musical and theatrical groups.

  • Cape Gourmet Festival – May;

Chefs from all over the world participate in the event to display their culinary talents.

Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Electronic Music Festival – February;

As the name implies, this music festival has long won the love of the audience. Many famous musicians take part in the fest.

In addition, Comedy Festival (July), International Jazz Festival (March), Beer Festival (November), various sports festivals: walking, cycling, yachting, boat show and others also take place in Cape Town. In addition, the cosplay festival (FanCon), the Documentary and Independent Film Festival, the Tattoo Expo and many other interesting events are also held in the capital of South Africa.

Cape Town Nightlife

As for the nightlife in Cape Town, it suffices to say that some tourists come here specifically to have fun in the city’s clubs, bars and casinos.

Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

There are many places in different areas that usually open around midnight and offer entertainment until the early morning hours. A kind of entertainment center in the city is Victoria Road in Camps Bay. Here the main part of bars, clubs and dance floors is concentrated.

Not all clubs work every day. Most clubs only open three days a week from Thursday to Saturday. In many places, the entrance for girls is free. The cost of admission is from 7 to 20$.