Caracas is the largest city and the capital of Venezuela. City is located in the valley, stretching along the coastal mountains in the North of Venezuela. Caracas, with its unique landscape, is a visual feast with spectacular views for visitors and tourists.

Caracas is home to many immigrants from Europe, Latin America and Asia. Thus, in addition to the exquisite Venezuelan cuisine, the traveler can try the best cuisine of different countries. Especially known dishes of fish balls, rice and black bean paste.

Caracas, Caracas Holiday Guide / Venezuela

The Venezuelan capital is also famous for its nightlife, as well as historical attractions, trade fairs and shopping centers. In Caracas, you can enjoy a variety of entertainment, from VIP Nightclubs to regular bars. We recommend you to use a taxi to move around the city at night, remember that at this time in capital of Venezuela can be dangerous.

Caracas / Venezuela how to get there?

No visa is required to travel to Venezuela. Get to Caracas can be a direct flight, or using connecting flights with transfers in Paris, Frankfurt or London. On average, a flight to city can take from 5 to 16 hours. To move around the city, you can rent a car, it will allow you to better consider the exquisite beauty of nature, watching the magnificent views of the mountains.

Caracas, Caracas Holiday Guide / Venezuela

In Caracas, a well-developed network of city buses. The bus provides easy access to all parts of the city. You can also use a taxi. Use the services of car rent office, be extremely careful and do not get into cars to strangers.

Information about Caracas / Venezuela

Caracas was founded in 1567 and the complete name of the city is Santiago de Leon de Caracas. From 1595 to 1811 the city belonged to the English, French and Spanish colonists respectively, and in 1812 the city was rebuilt after the earthquake completely destroyed it.

The population of city has more than 2 million people and increasing every year. The variety of places to visit capital of Venezuela makes it a center of attraction for tourists. Especially considering the variety of active sports that you can do here, it is clear why athletes and active travelers prefer Caracas.

Caracas, Caracas Holiday Guide / Venezuela

Iglesia Sagrada Corazon de Jesus is perhaps one of the most visited places in Caracas. Of particular interest is the dazzling architecture of the church, the windows. Guests can relax in the shade of the trees in Plaza Bolivar, known in city as Simon Bolivar. If you head East of Bolivar square, you will see Caracas Cathedral. Built in the 16th century as a chapel, the Cathedral was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1665-1713.

City can introduce you to the Mausoleum of Simon Bolivar, built by Hugo Chavez in 2013 in honor of the founder of Venezuela. For the entrance to the mausoleum, women are obliged to wear skirts, men trousers and shirts.

There are a lot of shops in Caracas. In Chacanita and the territory of Artasanias in Caracas, the main number of souvenir shops is concentrated. In addition, you can make purchases in shopping centers, such as in Hansi.

Accommodation in Caracas / Venezuela

If you want to stay in Caracas, it is better to choose safe areas of the city. Hotels in Altamira, Los Palos Grandes are a good alternative at reasonable prices. You can choose one of the luxury hotels in the city center, or you can prefer hotels that are located outside the city, where you can always get anywhere in the city, as the transport network is well developed.

Caracas, Caracas Holiday Guide / Venezuela

Eurobuilding Hotel and Suites Caracas: the luxury hotel in the center of Caracas is a popular choice for travelers. It offers a Tesiste beauty salon, sauna, gym, heated outdoor pool.

Gran Melia Caracas Hotel: located in the center of Caracas, the luxurious hotel welcomes its guests with Jacuzzi, fitness center, tennis courts, comfortable rooms and a wide range of restaurants in the hotel.

We wish you a happy visit to Caracas, Venezuela.