Chanakkale is located in northwestern Turkey on the shores of the Dardanelles. This city has an ancient and glorious history. The city is geographically located simultaneously in two parts of the world – in Europe and in Asia. For many centuries, various civilizations lived in the city. Even Alexander of Macedon walked here with his troops. The mixture of cultures, historical past and dynamic modern life attract many tourists to Chanakkale. The name of the city is translated from Turkish as “Castle of pottery” and this is not accidental. The fact is that from the 18th century the city became the center of pottery production.

As for the recent history, Chanakkale became the site of great battles during the Chanakkale war between the Ottoman Empire and the Entente states in 1915-1916. As a result of heavy major battles at sea and on land, the Ottoman Empire was still able to defeat its opponents. Despite the numerical and technical superiority of the army of the Entente, it could not advance deeply into the country. And the feat of the Turkish people still evokes a sense of pride and respect from those who live in our time.

Chanakkale, Chanakkale (Turkey) Travel Guide

Where is Chanakkale?

Chanakkale is located in the north-west of Turkey on the southern coast of the Dardanelles Strait, which connects the Marmara and Aegean Sea. The city is bordered by Edirne and Tekirdag in the north, and Balikesir in the east. Also, in the territory of Chanakkale are three islands: Gokceada, Bozcaada and Tavsan Adasi (Rabbit Island).

Chanakkale, Chanakkale (Turkey) Travel Guide

When is it better to go to Chanakkale?

Chanakkale is of enormous size, so the climate in different areas can vary significantly. The hottest season starts in May and lasts until about October. In winter, temperatures usually do not fall below zero, but there is a lot of precipitation. In January and February, there may be strong winds.

Chanakkale, Chanakkale (Turkey) Travel Guide

Chanakkale how to get there?

Chanakkale has its own airport, so getting here is very simple from almost anywhere in Turkey. Unfortunately, there are no direct international flights to the city yet. The flight from Istanbul to Chanakkale takes less than 1 hour. The airport is located about 5 km from the city center. The city center can be reached by a tourist bus, bus or taxi.

Buses run to Chanakkale from Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa. If you are traveling by car from Istanbul, your journey will take about 7 hours. However, you can halve the time on your way if you use the Eceabat ferry.

Chanakkale, Chanakkale (Turkey) Travel Guide

Hotels in Chanakkale

Chanakkale is a very popular tourist destination. The city not only has an ancient history, but also has wonderful natural sights too. For this reason, Chanakkale became the center of attention of both local and foreign tourists. So which district in Chanakkale to choose to stay in?

Assos is one of the most beautiful areas of Chanakkale. It combines a part of history and wonderful views of the surrounding nature. Due to its location at the foot of Mount Kazdag, the Assos area offers its guests clean air and magnificent views. Assos with its boutique hotels is a great place for a perfect holiday. The forests, the magnificent landscape and the glittering sea make Assos charming.

Chanakkale, Chanakkale (Turkey) Travel Guide

In Assos there are different options for hotels for different budget sizes. There are hostels and guesthouses for economical tourists who offer small rooms, but very high-quality service. And of course, there are new luxury hotels on the coastline. Most often, such hotels have adapted exterior interiors. The buildings are made of stone to blend in with the historical views and streets of the city.