The town of Chankiri is located in Central Anatolia, about 150 km north of Ankara. The city has the largest stock of rock salt in Turkey.

The first settlement on the territory of the modern city appeared before BC. Then the city was called Gangara. For millennia, the city changed kings, civilizations and names. At various times, the city was owned by the Persians, the ancient Greeks, the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and finally, the Ottomans. Interestingly, the city managed to preserve the traces of many civilizations.

In addition to historical monuments and museums, the city is also rich in natural attractions. It is perfect for those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of city life on a clean air surrounded by stunning views.

Chankiri how to get?

The easiest way to get to Chankiri is by land. There is no airport in the city. Therefore, it is more convenient and quicker to get to the city from Ankara. So, the movement to Chankiri is carried out along several main roads.

Chankiri, Chankiri (Turkey) Travel Guide

The road from Ankara will take from 1.5 to 2 hours. If you are driving, take the D140 and D765 highways.

The road from Istanbul may take more than 5 hours. You can reach Chankiri via the E-80 highway. To do this, follow the signs for the route: Istanbul – Sakarya – Duzce – Bolu – Cankiri.

Places to visit in Chankiri

Chankiri has many types of attractions. And each tourist can choose and make their own vacation plan to your liking. So, the city has tombs, national parks, mosques, caves and plateaus, ruins and museums, which are a year-round place for visiting both local and foreign tourists. Below is a summary of some of the attractions in Chankiri.

Chankiri, Chankiri (Turkey) Travel Guide

Stone Mosque

The Stone Mosque was built in 1235 and was used as a hospital. Now there is a place for prayers. In the mosque there are two ancient symbols of medicine – a snake with a cup. One in the form of a bas-relief and is now located directly above the entrance. And the second – in the form of a small sculpture located inside the hospital building.

Chankiri, Chankiri (Turkey) Travel Guide

Ilgaz Mountain National Park

The national park has been located in the Ilgaz mountains since 1976. The mountain and park are located within the boundaries of the provinces of Chankiri and Kastamonu. The highest point in the mountains is 2850 m. Olympic and national winter sports teams come here for training. However, Ilgaz is a fairly flat mountain, so it is suitable for beginner snowboarders. It is also an ideal place for cross-country skiing.

Chankiri, Chankiri (Turkey) Travel Guide

Salt Cave

Not far from the city center there is a huge salt mine, 150 meters deep and 8 km long. Salt was extracted from it for centuries to the table of the Turkish sultans. To this day, salt mining continues for ordinary citizens. During work in the mine, the remains of a donkey and wagons for the export of salt were discovered. Now it is the exhibits of the museum of the mine. Salt from the mine is not only used for food. Local craftsmen produce table salt lamps from it. According to them, the light of this lamp has a healing effect. And of course, such a lamp is very unusual and can be a wonderful souvenir from a holiday in Chankiri.

Chankiri, Chankiri (Turkey) Travel Guide