Once Copenhagen was a small fishing village, but today it is a large and modern city, the capital of Denmark, which has preserved its interesting history to this day. It is also the most populous city in the country. According to studies, the level of prosperity in the city is quite high, and the level of happiness is higher than in most other European cities.

Tourists who come to the Danish capital especially like to walk along the streets of the old city, looking at the architectural monuments of the Renaissance. However, Copenhagen is also a very colorful and vibrant city with its nightlife and city festivals. Read more in our entertainment guide in the Danish capital.

Copenhagen Festivals

Copenhagen, as in the happiest city in the world, residents are very fond of city festivals and celebrate them on a grand scale. The highest peak when major festivals take place is the summer season. However, no less interesting events take place in spring and autumn. Winter is a time of Christmas holidays, vibrant fairs and festivities. These events fully reflect Danish culture. Participation in festivals is an opportunity to have a good time for local residents and foreign tourists. Here are some of the biggest festivals in Copenhagen:

  • The Roskilde Festival is one of the largest musical events not only in the city, but also throughout Europe. This is a great place and time to be acquainted with the culture of Northern Europe. At the fest there is not only music, but also dancing, local cuisine and of course the opportunity to meet new friends.
  • The Click Festival is an event that combines art, science and technology. The fest lasts only two days at the end of May. The event is accompanied by dancing and live music, and entertainment continues even at night.
  • Copenhell is a festival of metal music lovers. Within the framework of the festival, musicians and bands in the style of heavy metal and death metal perform and the participants have fun for two days. The festival starts in the first week of June, and as a rule attracts a large number of participants.

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark Entertainment Guide

Copenhagen Nightlife

Copenhagen is a city that you can enjoy day and night. After daytime city holidays and entertainment, it is the turn of a vibrant and diverse nightlife. The Indre By area is home to the city’s most popular and famous nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Among them:

  • Culture Box;

This is perhaps the best place in the city where electronic music sounds and dancing does not stop until the morning. Moreover, many world famous artists have performed here since its inception.

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark Entertainment Guide

  • Jane;

This is an elegant modern bar where you can not only spend an evening with friends, but also have a great dance. Unusual interior design and theme parties, as well as live music attract hundreds of visitors here like a magnet.

In addition to nightly entertainment, the Danish Royal Theater also offers a wide program: opera, ballet and performances. However, you need to buy tickets for such events in advance, at least 2 months before the upcoming performance.