The Dead Sea is a unique place on our planet. The sea got its unusual name due to the fact that not a single living organism can survive in it. This is due to the high salt content in the waters of the sea, which kills living cells of plants and animals. The salt content here is about 10 times higher than in ocean water. So, there is an amazing paradox of life, when the lifeless waters of the sea nevertheless have a healing effect and can help in the treatment of many diseases from rheumatism to psoriasis.

Today, the Dead Sea is a very popular health resort that is visited by millions of tourists annually. The entire coast of the Dead Sea is considered a natural wellness resort and is built up with hotels and resorts. But even if you do not have health problems and are not a fan of natural cosmetic procedures, the Dead Sea coast is a unique place where every tourist and traveler should visit.

Dead Sea, Dead Sea (Israel, Jordan)

How to get to Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan. Thus, you can reach the sea from two sides:

  • From Israel;

You can easily get from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. From Tel Aviv, take bus number 421. From Jerusalem, from central bus station to the Dead Sea, buses No. 487, 486 and 444 go. We advise you to take a two-way ticket, as in this case you will be given a discount.

Dead Sea, Dead Sea (Israel, Jordan)

  • From Jordan;

The most convenient way to get to the Dead Sea is from the cities of Amman or Aqaba. From Amman, buses leave from Muhajireen station daily. Buses from Aqaba to the Dead Sea go through Amman, there are several flights per day, departure from the airport.

Things to do in Dead Sea

The main goal of all tourists coming to the Black Sea is health improvement. To do this, first of all, everyone goes to the beaches. They can be public or private (owned by hotels on the coast). Entrance to the latter is possible only for a fee, provided that you are not a guest of the hotel.

In Israel, the most popular beaches are located in the areas of Ein Bokek, Hamei Zohara and Ein Gedi.

Dead Sea, Dead Sea (Israel, Jordan)

On the Jordanian side of the sea, the most popular beach is Amman Beach. It is paid, but not related to any of the hotels. Tourists can relax here without staying. Here, the sea may be waves that form due to the waters of the Jordan River.

Resting on the coast of the Dead Sea do not forget about your own safety:

  • In the sea you can swim only two (maximum three) times a day, and no longer than 20 minutes.
  • When at sea, keep your nose, mouth, and especially your eyes out of the water. If water does get into your eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Showers are on every beach.
  • Do not use medicinal mud without first consulting your doctor. In case you feel itching or burning, immediately wash away the dirt from the skin to avoid allergic reactions.

Dead Sea, Dead Sea (Israel, Jordan)