Each tourist and traveler has his own concept of a great vacation. For some, this is the beach, the sun and the sea; and for others, outdoor activities and vivid impressions. From this point of view, holiday in Turkey is an ideal place, as it can give both. Add to this a wide excursion program and unique natural attractions, and you will understand why Turkey is so popular. In today’s post, we will talk about Delikli Tas Cave, a unique place in the province of Nevsehir. Several interesting customs and beliefs are connected with this small cave. Therefore, this is not just a beautiful and interesting place, but also a unique opportunity to be acquainted with Turkish culture.

History of Delikli Tas Cave

Delikli Tas Cave is a unique natural attraction with which people have associated certain beliefs and traditions. The entrance to the cave is accessible to everyone, inside the cave looks as usual. However, the exit from the cave is a small hole in the stone, through which, according to legend, only a person without sins can go through.

Turks believe that it is impossible for people with sins to go through this hole, no matter how thin they are. On the contrary, a pure soul promotes quick and easy passage through a hole.

Delikli Tas Cave, Delikli Tas Cave, Nevsehir / Turkey

Near the cave, there is a fountain, which was built in 1559. Locals say that the water of the fountain is healing, and helps get rid of a variety of ailments. You can check it yourself by visiting the Delikli Tas Cave in Nevsehir.

How to get to Delikli Tas Cave

Delikli Tas Cave is located in the province of Nevsehir in the town of Hacibektas. You can easily get here by bus from the center of Nevsehir. Travel time will only take about an hour.

The cave is located just 3 km from the center of Hacibektas. Such a short distance you can walk. If you are not a fan of hiking, then take a taxi.

Delikli Tas Cave, Delikli Tas Cave, Nevsehir / Turkey

Nearest hotels to Delikli Tas Cave

Hacibektas is a small but beautiful and cozy city. Those who travel to Cappadocia often stop here, since the airport is located 20 minutes from the center. The choice of hotels here is small, but this is enough to accommodate everyone. Among the closest hotels to the cave are:

  • Gunes Otel
  • Evrim Hotel
  • Cabbar Hotel
  • Hacibektas Otel
  • Dinler Hotels
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Hotel Seven Brothers
  • Kapadokya Safir Hotel
  • Kale Konak Kapadokya

Delikli Tas Cave, Delikli Tas Cave, Nevsehir / Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Delikli Tas Cave

If prior to visiting Delikli Tas Cave you were afraid to eat too much so as not to get stuck at the exit, then after the visit you can safely go to the nearest restaurant or cafe. The choice of food and drinks is huge and for every taste.

  • Can Baba Kofte Salonu
  • Lil’a Restoran
  • Ekonomik Balik Restoran
  • Nevsehir Konagi Restoran
  • Han Restoran
  • House of Memories