Diyarbakir Fortress guarded the city for centuries. True, now enemy’s raids are not a threat, but once this fortress was of great importance for residents. Today, the fortress has become a symbol of the Turkish city of Diyarbakir and its integral part. The fortress is located on the edge of the valley, and its walls encircled the old city. Now it has grown considerably, so the walls of the fortress remained inside. Studies have shown that the fortress had 75 fortified towers. Only 6 of them have survived to the present day.

History of Diyarbakir Fortress

The exact date of construction of the fortress is not known. However, most historians agree that the construction of the fortress took place in the period 3700-3500 BC. This indicates that the age of the fortress is at least 5,500 years old.

On the four sides of Diyarbakir Fortress, there is a gate, each of which has its own name. The gate in the west is called Urfa Kapi, in the east – Yeni Kapi, in the south – Mardina Kapi, in the north – Harput Kapi. The whole fortress was built using basalt stones.

Diyarbakir Fortress, Diyarbakir Fortress / Diyarbakir, Turkey

The city walls were built in later periods, in the 4th century. In 349, the Roman emperor ordered the construction of city walls, connecting the towers. By the year 362, an agreement was reached in the war between Rome and the Sassanid, according to which the castle passed under the authority of the Sassanids. Later on, these lands came other nations. The last castle owned by Seldjuks and Ottomans.

How to get to Diyarbakir Fortress

Diyarbakir Fortress is located near the city center. You can reach it by public transport or taxi. From the bus station (Otogar) every half hour, there are mini-buses (dolmush), which follow the route to the center. In the center, take the bus to Cevat Pasa. Ask the driver to drop you off at the fortress (Diyarbakir Kalesi). He will gladly tell you the nearest stop to the fortress.

Diyarbakir Fortress, Diyarbakir Fortress / Diyarbakir, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Diyarbakir Fortress

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Diyarbakir Fortress, Diyarbakir Fortress / Diyarbakir, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Diyarbakir Fortress

The number of restaurants and cafes near Diyarbakir Fortress is huge. You can be sure that you will not be hungry in this wonderful city. All cafes and restaurants offer a wide menu of dishes and drinks, some of them have live music in the evenings. Here are the closest to the fortress:

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