Edirne is an interesting city located in the northwestern part of Turkey, at the junction of the borders of Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. The city is located along the Maritsa River, on the site of an ancient Thracian settlement.

Edirne was for many years the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Here are collected many attractions that fascinate tourists at first sight. Historical bazaars, caravanserais, mosques and bridges are all only part of the tourist wealth of Edirne.

Edirne, Edirne (Turkey) Travel Guide

The population of Edirne is more than 400 thousand people. There are nine districts in Edirne: Uzunkopru, Ipsala, Havsa, Lalapasha, Merkez, Keshan and Suloglu. The most populated area is Merkez, and the area with the smallest population is Lalapasha. The distance from the city to the borders of Greece is 6 km, to Bulgaria 16 km.

Edirne How to get there?

The average distance between Istanbul and Edirne is 238 kilometers. Therefore, the most convenient way to get to Edirne will be from Istanbul. From the airport, you can rent a car or take a bus from the bus station. Travel time is about 2.5 hours.

Sights of Edirne

Many civilizations for various periods of time left their historical mark in Edirne. This city ranks first in Turkey by the number of attractions. In the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, you will find an excellent sightseeing holiday. You can also visit the beaches of Keshan, Enez and Erikli to enjoy the sand, sea and sun. Edirne is also a culinary tourism. Its delicious national dishes make a great contribution to the development of this tourist destination. Below is a summary of places to visit in Edirne.

Edirne, Edirne (Turkey) Travel Guide

Rustempasha Caravanserai

Caravanserai Rustempasha is one of the most interesting monuments of Ottoman architecture in Turkey. This large building served as a place to sleep and rest for merchants walking with caravans and their animals. The famous architect Mimar Sinan built a caravanserai in 1554. The building was significantly damaged during the Russian-Turkish war at the end of the 18th century and during the Bulgarian occupation in 1912. However, fortunately, the caravanserai was restored and turned into a hotel, which opened its doors to guests in 1972.

Edirne, Edirne (Turkey) Travel Guide

Uc Serefeli Cami (Mosque with three balconies)

Uc Serefeli Mosque is located on Cumhuriyet Square. The mosque was built in the years 1443-1447. For that time, it was a rather innovative construction. It contained many elements that were not previously used in the construction of mosques. Historians and architects note that the mosque has become a kind of step-transition in the style of buildings from Seljuk to the classic Ottoman style. The mosque got its name due to the fact that it has only three minarets (and, accordingly, three balconies on them).

Edirne, Edirne (Turkey) Travel Guide

Muradiye Mosque

Muradiye Mosque was built in 1436. This is one of the outstanding mosques in Edirne with its 15th century faience tiles and calligraphy on the interior walls. Muradiye Mosque is located in the Kucukpazar district on a hill, within walking distance of the city center. From this elevation opens a delightful view of the green valley of the island of Sarayici, where the Sultan’s palace used to tower. Now, in good weather, the center of Edirne can be seen from here.

Edirne, Edirne (Turkey) Travel Guide