Erikli Yaylasi Camp is located on the eponymous plateau just 600 meters from the Sea of ​​Marmara. Camping in Turkey every year gaining increasing popularity among local and foreign tourists. And the beauty of the local nature and the variety of landscapes provides an excellent outdoor recreation for any time of the year and for every taste.

Erikli Yaylasi camp offers its guests a variety of conditions for camping among the forest and waterfalls. The purest local air has a calming and therapeutic effect, and peace and quiet will allow you to take a break from the fast pace of city life. The camp is open most of the year and welcomes guests in the autumn, summer and spring.

Erikli Yaylasi Camp / Yalova How to get there?

Erikli Yaylasi camp is located in the Turkish province of Yalova, 6 km from the village of Cinarcik-Tesvikiye. The easiest and fastest way to get to the camp is cars. Those tourists who come from abroad can land at the airport of Bursa. It is the closest airport to the camp, about an hour’s drive away.

Alternatively, you can choose Istanbul airports. From there you can get to Yalova either by car or by ferry from the Pendik port in Istanbul.

From the center of Yalova follow the Yalova-Armutlu route to get to the plateau by the shortest route. On this route you will see signposts, following which you can easily reach the camp. The road from the city center will take no more than half an hour.

Erikli Yaylasi camp, Erikli Yaylasi Camp / Yalova

Information about Erikli Yaylasi Camp / Yalova

Erikli Yaylasi Camp is located in one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, on a wide plain, where a cool river flows and forms several beautiful waterfalls. All this beauty is located within walking distance from the camp. And the campsite itself is located on the bank of the river, which gives the necessary coolness especially during the summer months.

In addition to camp rest, you can also visit

  • Cifte Selale (Double Waterfall)
  • Dipsiz Gol (Bottomless Lake)
  • Delmece Yaylasi (Plateau of Delmece)

Erikli Yaylasi camp, Erikli Yaylasi Camp / Yalova

As for the camp, it is quite large. Even in the high tourist season, you will surely find a place for a tent here. Parking is prohibited on the campground, but parking is available outside. Drinking water is always available at the campsite. The camp is ideal for tourists with family and children. On the territory of the camping there is a children’s playground. Other services in the camp include:

  • Restroom
  • Electricity
  • Firewood
  • Cafe
  • Picnic area.

Erikli Yaylasi camp welcomes guests at any time of the year thanks to a wide range of services.

Where to stay in Erikli Yaylasi Camp / Yalova?

The most obvious type of Erikli Yaylasi Camp accommodation is of course a tent or motorhome. However, as an alternative, the camping staff offers accommodation in small rooms in bungalows. They are generally equipped with private bathroom, TV and air conditioning. The cost of a place for a tent is from 15 TL per night (about $2.5).