Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago consisting of 21 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, 300 km off the east coast of Brazil. This place can be called paradise islands. In addition, indeed, the views that open to tourists when they come here are amazing. Judge for yourself: here the white sand is washed by the waves of ocean water, and around all this splendor are unique flora and fauna, national parks and of course natural attractions.

Every year, Fernando de Noronha is gaining more and more popularity among tourists from all over the world and is becoming one of the world’s largest tourist centers in the southern hemisphere. The archipelago has long gained world fame among fans of diving, surfing, ocean fishing, all water sports and just lovers of nature and outdoor activities. The archipelago is one of the most important parts of the world in terms of ecology; in 2001, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fernando de Noronha, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Travel Guide

How to get to Fernando de Noronha?

The main island, Ilha de Fernando de Noronha, is the only inhabited island, and planes from the mainland land here. To prevent possible damage to nature, only 420 to 460 tourists can arrive on the island at a time. Flights to the archipelago make many airlines from neighboring Brazilian cities, but most of all from the city of Recife. Keep in mind that Fernando de Noronha has a progressive tourist tax, which starts at $ 14 per day per day, and grows with the length of your stay on the islands.

Fernando de Noronha, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Travel Guide

Information about Fernando de Noronha

The main and only settlement on Fernando de Noronha is the city of Vila dos Remedio. The population of the city is small, only a little more than 3 thousand people. There are not many objects to visit here, however, as well as attractions. Therefore, all those who did not go diving, rent a buggy and begin to go around the island to swim, go fishing or surfing. Local beaches are considered the best in Brazil.

Fernando de Noronha, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Travel Guide

Dolphins and turtles, which you will meet while walking along the coast, will surely attract your attention. If you take part in diving in Fernando de Noronha, you will see that this city is a paradise not only on land, but also under water.

Hotels in Fernando de Noronha

Here are some good hotels where you can stay during your holiday in Fernando de Noronha.

Le Residence Paulista: The hotel is ideally located for major transportation hubs. Here are clean and comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi.

Fernando de Noronha, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Travel Guide

Ez Azlimacao Hotel: This is one of the most popular hotels among tourists. There is free Wi-Fi, parking, delicious food in the restaurant.

If you want to stop at the archipelago, you can rent a bungalow. However, remember that you must book them in advance before the beginning of the tourist season, otherwise there is a high risk of getting to the sold out.