Ganja is the second largest and largest city in Azerbaijan, after the capitals of Baku. This city can be considered one of the real gems of the country. Its history goes deep into the centuries, and the cultural heritage impresses every tourist. Ganja belongs to the must see cities in Azerbaijan. And if you are spending your vacation in this country, be sure to visit this ancient city with cozy red brick houses, tea houses, mosques and temples. And we will talk more about it in our travel guide.

How to get to Ganja?

You can get to Ganja by plane, but only with a change in Baku. The city has its own airport, but the number of international flights landing here is still small. It’s much easier and faster to transfer to Baku on a domestic flight and get to the city in 1.5-2 hours.

Ganja, Ganja, Azerbaijan Travel Guide

For those who have a large margin of time and want to save a little, there is an alternative option. From the Heydar Aliyev Airport (Baku) you will have to transfer by bus, train or rented car to get to your destination. By bus, the journey takes about 4 hours, by train – about 7.

Things to do in Ganja

The city is located inland far from the coast, so there is no need to talk about a beach holiday in Ganja. For the most part, tourists arriving in the city have the goal to get acquainted with its history and culture and of course visit the most interesting sights. For a leisurely visit, two days are enough for you to explore everything and not get bored. So what could you visit in Ganja? Here are some of the most interesting places:

  • Cuma Mosque;

This place is one of the top three most famous sights of the city. The architect of the mosque was also an astronomer by calling, so he built the mosque in such a way that you can check the clock on it: at noon, a ray of sunlight falls on a white brick from the western side.

  • Cheyak-Hamam (bath);

This bath was especially popular among the townspeople and worked until 1963. Today, baths are a cultural monument, which has been under the protection of UNESCO since 2002.

Ganja, Ganja, Azerbaijan Travel Guide

  • Caravanserai of Sheikh Bahauddin;

The building was built in the 17th century and is included with a mosque and baths in one architectural complex. The caravanserai was a resting place for merchants who passed through the city. It is also interesting that the Great Silk Road passed through Ganja and today the city participates in its restoration program.

Hotels in Ganja

There are not many hotels in Ganja, but they are enough for the number of tourists that are in the city. The most expensive and luxurious are located in the city center. You can also easily find cheap hotels, budget hostels or apartments that can be rented for a night or even a few hours.