Guyana, with a population of 215,000, is the third largest country in South America after Suriname and Uruguay. The capital Georgetown is the largest and most populous city in the country. Georgetown has a humid tropical climate all year round, as well as throughout the country. It is easy to guess that in this climate the city is surrounded by lush greenery. People in Georgetown are friendly, curious and hospitable. The city combines Indian and Hindu culture. Georgetown is a small, pleasant and safer city than other South American cities. Guyana means “country of waters”. However, be careful and use only bottled water to avoid accidental infectious diseases.

Georgetown, Georgetown / Guyana

Georgetown / Guyana How to Get There?

To get to Guyana, you can direct flights from most European cities, USA or Panama. A visa to Guyana is not required. The way from Georgetown airport to the city center can be reached by public transport. Renting a car can also be a good alternative for your trip to the capital of Guyana. Choose any transfer option.  Be careful and keep an eye on your stuff, as the probability of theft is very high.

Georgetown, Georgetown / Guyana

Information about Georgetown / Guiana

Guyana is a neighbor of Venezuela, Suriname in the North of South America and Brazil in the South. The country forms the economy through the construction sector, agriculture and mining. At the head of export products are sugar, gold, rice, forest, rum, shrimp. If you want to visit Georgetown Guyana, plan your trip correctly. Guyana has two rainy seasons per year: December to February and April to August.

Georgetown, Georgetown / Guyana

Among the various places that can be seen in Georgetown at the first place is St. George’s Cathedral. The amazing architecture of this building pleases and surprises tourists every day. Georgetown will help you spend a relaxing day in the well-kept city gardens. Guests have free access to the waterfront gardens. Here it is easy to meet the wedding ceremony, it can be interesting for foreign tourists. Have a picnic and buy a bottle of wine at the Panama wine house Retreat & Winery. Spend a wonderful day outdoors.

After relaxing in nature, you can visit the Georgetown museums: the Walter Roth Anthropological Museum or the national Museum of Guyana. There you can see old cars, fossils, and various stuffed animals.

Georgetown, Georgetown / Guyana

Due to the fact that the country is the place with the largest number of migrants, the influence of Hindu religion and culture is felt significantly. Radha Krishna Mandir, located in the center of Georgetown, delights visitors with its remarkable architecture that reflects Hindu culture.

Accommodation in Georgetown / Guyana

Georgetown hotels are designed for any budget. You can easily find a comfortable hotel with friendly staff, clean rooms, swimming pool and Spa.

Georgetown, Georgetown / Guyana

Guyana Marriott Hotel: this is a great hotel in Georgetown with a rich Breakfast buffet and comfortable rooms with air conditioning.

Herdmanston Lodge Hotel: this 3-star hotel welcomes guests. The on-site restaurant serves the most delicious Indian and Chinese dishes.

We wish you an unforgettable and pleasant stay in Georgetown Guyana.