Giza, or El Giza as the Egyptians call it, is a city near Cairo, the capital of Egypt. The city is known, perhaps all over the world, and is famous for one of the largest tourist clusters per square meter. And the reason for this is quite simple: here is one of the wonders of the world, the famous Pyramids of Giza.

Once upon a time, the plains surrounding the city were the site of the last refuge for the Egyptian Faorons. Today, there are dozens of hotels, houses, cafes and restaurants, shops and nightclubs. The process of exploring the Giza pyramids continues today, attracting a lot of tourists from different countries of the world with their sensational discoveries.

How to get to Giza?

Giza is located west of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Therefore, after landing at Cairo Airport, you first need to get to the capital, and then to Giza. It is not difficult to do this and you can use several ways:

  • From the airport to Cairo you can get by taxi or bus (No. 356).
  • From Cairo to Giza, take the Metro line 2 train to Giza station. Here you need to transfer to a taxi or bus number 900 or 997, which in 15-20 minutes will take you to the pyramids.

You can also get from Cairo to Giza by buses No. 355 and 357. Departure from the Heliopolis area every 20 minutes.

Giza, Giza, Egypt Travel Guide

Things to do in Giza

Already at the entrance to Giza, before your eyes you can see the tops of the three pyramids, for which, in most cases, this journey began. The largest and perhaps the most famous of them is the Cheops Pyramid. Inside the pyramid there are three burial chambers decorated with granite slabs and a sarcophagus. On the south side of the pyramid there is a Solar Boat about 44 meters long. This is one of the five boats on which Pharaoh Cheops was supposed to go to the afterlife. The other two priramids are the pyramid of Pharaoh Chefren and the pyramid of Mycerin.

In addition, the Giza complex includes temples in the valley, roads, the temple of the dead and small pyramids. At the very foot of the Giza plateau is the Great Sphinx.

Giza, Giza, Egypt Travel Guide

Every night, after dark, there is a light show in which the presenters speak in several languages ​​about the history of the pyramids and Ancient Egypt.

Giza can also offer more modern entertainment. For example, you can visit the Giza Zoo. This is especially true for those tourists who come on vacation with their children. You can also go on an excursion to the Cairo Museum, which displays exhibits from different eras of Ancient Egypt. Those who love active entertainment will surely enjoy the option of a jeep or ATV safari in the Egyptian desert.