Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland, and is among the three largest cities in the UK. Its history began in the 6th century, when the first settlements appeared on the Clyde River. Since then, the city has actively developed thanks to shipping and has become one of the largest ports in the region.

However, today Glasgow is also known as a cultural center. There are many museums, theaters and art galleries. In addition, there are regular city and international festivals. Separately, it is worth noting the nightlife of the city, as it is diverse and loved by many tourists. In any part of the city, you can easily find entertainment to your taste and wallet.

Glasgow Festivals

Festivals in Glasgow are held regularly. A huge number of people, both local, guests and tourists, attends them. Since the themes of the festivals are very diverse, everyone can choose entertainment to their liking and plan a vacation in Scotland to get to a particular fest. Here are just some of the biggest festivals:

  • Celtic connections – January;

This is a folklore festival whose guests and participants enjoy Celtic music. Fest gathers the best soloists and bands from around the world, but newcomers are also involved here. For them, this is a great chance to express themselves and the fest gives them that opportunity.

  • TRNSMT – June;

Not only the Scots love this rock festival. Thousands of tourists come specifically to attend concerts and see for themselves the headliners of the project, among which there are world-famous names.

Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

  • West End Festival – June;

As part of the festival are carnival with music and dance. On the decorated streets of the city are theatrical performances, concerts and entertainment shows for children.

Other musical, theatrical and cultural events also take place in Glasgow. Among the most notable, include Southside Fringe Festival (music and theater); Glasgow International Comedy Festival (the biggest comedy fest in Europe); Piping Live! Festival (playing bagpipes) and many others.

Glasgow Nightlife

Continuous entertainment awaits you in Glasgow. When night falls, the city does not fall asleep. In the city, you can find places that will appeal to people of all ages. Each club or bar has its own concept, interiors and entertainment program. Therefore, each place is significantly different from each other.

Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

In addition to standard live music bars and clubs with the most popular DJs, Glasgow has a lot of other night entertainment. Drawing club, dancing, acrobatics and swing, jazz and blues music, karaoke, concert halls are just a small part of what the city has to offer you.

Also in Glasgow, sports pubs are very popular. Usually each pub corresponds to a football team. Keep in mind that the audience here is quite brutal, so if you decide to look here in any case, do not provoke fans.